You know those friends…

… that slap you across the face when you do something wrong? The kind that understand your logic and your reasoning, and respect that but still have something to say about your decisions, and protest when it goes against their will. The ones that will try and try again to convince you to do the right thing, even if you convince them that that’s exactly what you’re doing. They never quit. They never back down. They never leave. They never let you down.

I wish I had more of them.

9 Responses to “You know those friends…”
  1. Dee says:

    hmm..what did you do? -_- <– my "Im gonna bug u to know what's up" look

  2. Cadence says:

    I’ve got 3 close friends like this… and I hold them with more respect and esteem than anyone else. Kudos to all the good friends out there.

  3. Cara says:

    Why “more”?
    Blessed are those people, who have got ONE such friend.
    One will do, if you are listening.


    Blessings to all of you who care !

  4. Black Rose says:

    Love them.

    Glad you have them.

    Here’s to more

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