The World Is Full Of Idiots

… that listen to commercial pop.

I haven’t written a post stemming from a conversation in a while, and a recent conversation got my mind spewing about something that ticks me off constantly: Commercial Pop.

It’s not music. Don’t fucking call it that, I will smash your fucking face in.

What is pop? Why it’s popular of course! But what does that mean?

To be popular is to have the majority’s interest, but wait… just what IS the majority?

Any sane person would agree that the majority of a population is always stupid, and somehow lesser than the minority of intelligent people. So pop is what all the dumbasses listen to, but there are some intellectuals who listen to it too, does that mean it’s a matter of taste?


Listening to mainstream pop automatically means you have no taste. It’s just chart positions and record sales, and “what’s in right now”. You might say, “record sales don’t materialize out of thin air”. Correct, they materialize from millions of morons wasting their money on shitty music.

Commercial/mainstream pop is manufactured.
It isn’t written, it’s copy-pasted.
It is produced not in a studio but in a boardroom.
That’s not music, that’s masturbation.

I have to admit, as a kid I listened to pop songs on the radio, just like everyone else. I sang along to the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, I even knew the words to Britney Spears’ songs. But that grew old. I needed something new. Something different. Something that wasn’t just the same old verse-chorus-verse structure with different words and different voices and different keys. I needed real music.

Each and every year I turn on the radio and hear shitloads of crappy music, getting worse and worse, infecting other genres, as each goes down, infected with the commercial bug.

Punk is dead.
Post-grunge is a lost cause.
Alternative Metal is for fags.
Nu-metal is for wannabes.
Glam Rock is unheard of.
Marilyn Manson is a pussy.
Grunge is dead.
Alternative Rock is just another name for pop with guitars.

And a band is no more what it used to be.

Nowadays it’s not the friendship of fellow bandmembers that holds them together, it’s a contract. It’s not the passion for music that drives them, it’s their paycheck. It’s not their instinct that tells them which notes to play, it’s their record label. It’s not their words that come out through the speaker, but it’s exactly what you want to hear you sad little fuck that helped destroy music.

A “rock” band now is a bunch of guys put together much like a boy-band, made to play songs that have been approved to sell more records to keep their asses off the streets. I’d rather be a busker than hear myself on the radio next to Britney Spears and Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga and whoever the fuck else is at the top of the charts. I couldn’t care less about who’s most popular.

Life is a popularity contest only for attention-starved whores. And those that watch are the voyeurs that feed off of it, wishing they had all that attention focused on themselves. But since they can’t they might as well watch the others on American Idol and feel a part of it by voting, voicing their opinion on who looks best on stage, which voice suits which shitty song, who murdered a classic song best, and who didn’t deserve that harsh comment from Simon. And the cycle continues…

Day by day we lessen ourselves to pulling levers and pushing buttons on a vending machine.
Slaves to the machine, we have become.

28 Responses to “The World Is Full Of Idiots”
  1. Sach says:

    Why bother so much over something that you can hardly control?
    Besides, POP may not be music to you but it maybe the height of music to someone else. You can’t say that it’s just shit. And take it that this is coming from someone to whom POP is just meh. I don’t like it, but if anybody likes so what? I dont give a damn.
    Besides, if there is going to be only one kind of music (or whatever else for that matte) its gonna be a damn boring world.

    Btw, if you haven’t already, try some Yanni.
    I’ve been listening to his for a some time now, and his music is just mesmarizing.
    So amazing.

  2. eXon says:

    I didn’t know you had such strong feelings about this 😛

  3. Gehan says:

    while i understand your aversion to pop, i don’t think you’ve made a point at ALL in this post.. sorry, for someone with as much musical knowledge and IQ as you, i kinda expected a better argument..

  4. Foxhound says:

    Well yeah simply put… its true. Its the same with most of the movies. At the end of the day there is a market, you cater to that market by delivering something that will sell. Better sales figures=more revenue and theoretically more profit and thereby happy investors.

    But in the end, they are churned out only because there is a demand for it. This is simply the evolution of all art that initially starts being driven purely by passion and with growth and better production eventually ends up becoming a product. It’s long since happened with video games which is relatively a minor in comparison to other art forms…

  5. A says:

    Though what you say is true for the most part, I think you’ll find that the “all of today’s music is shit” attitude will get you nowhere and only depress you further. When i was younger i used to live in the past, listening only to pink floyd, the doors, cream, hendrix, the clash etc etc. I used to have the same negative attitude. I.E all the great music in the world has come and gone. All the musical geniuses have passed, there is no originality left, we live in a horrible time in the history of music where everything is fake and manufactured. Basically, there is no point even bothering with music that was made less than 30 years ago. Unfortunately as easy as this attitude is to adopt it really sucks. I was tired of living in the past, living someone else’s life and youth. I didn’t want to end up one of those closed minded people, stuck on a particular thing and too afraid to open my eyes to what was going on. I wanted to live in the present, to be a part of what was happening right now. Thats where electronic music came in. In my humble opinion. Electronic Music is the way forward. Its the only genre of music that is still only barely developed. While all other genres are pretty much spent in terms of originality Electronic Music has a long long long way to go. Every few weeks there are new sub genres, new producers pushing the boundaries and blurring the line between them, Im telling you my friend, that is where its at. That is the present. Don’t be bitter about bad music and remember this THERE WAS ALWAYS CHEESY, COMMERCIAL AND MANUFACTURED MUSIC. the key is to just ignoring it and discovering the good stuff that is out there. And believe me it is. Even if you don’t agree with me now, Im sure you will in a couple of years. All the best

    • St. Fallen says:

      Nah, I’m not stuck in this attitude, this post was merely a rant.
      I’ve been getting into electronica lately, though I must say it’s quite different from what I’m used to
      I found this genre called chiptune music recently and it’s blown my mind!
      So yeah, I’m not saying there’s no good music left, it’s just that it’s a shame that the good ol’ music is gone and “music” as a concept has turned into feel good drug instead of an expression of self.

  6. Jerry says:

    And this coming from someone who confessed to liking Miley Cyrus….

    But I digress.

    Listen, fool. You think some punk sitting in his garage recording his music and putting it up one some “indie” music site (*cough*t61*cough*) is better music than mainstream pop? You yammer on and on about them being attention whores, look at your own damn blog! I can’t see a thing on twitter on days you make posts!

    People in boardrooms make music, yes, music, that is tailored to appeal to many millions, and not just a few jobless 20-somethings who think it’s cool to drink lattes and talk shit about “The Establishment”. Just because more people like it doesn’t mean it’s not music. Is a chair any less a piece of furniture if it’s plastic and made by Damro, instead of by a peruvian monk inside a volcano?

    It’s idiots like you who make all the noise about current music, whatever it is, just because you wanna seem different, or whatever inane reason.

    Consider this, every single artist/genre you’ve mentioned there didn’t exist a few hundred years ago. But lo and behold! There was music! They didn’t call it a shovel, or “The noise made by those who are want to be’s”, they called it music.


    • sabbyaz says:

      Ooooh I am all for Indie music as well…
      But loved this =)
      I couldn’t have said it better myself =)

    • Unsilent says:

      Firstly, hats off to Jerry 🙂

      Music is subjective. You cannot bash a particular genre because you don’t like it, and the rest of the world does. I myself am not into most of the pop songs out there, but whether it was made in a boardroom or in a jungle, music is music in the end.

      So listen to what you like, and let others listen to whatever they like.

    • St. Fallen says:

      First of all, get a fucking life you jobless piece of shit.

      Who judges what’s “better” music? The moron who listens to the radio bobbing his head to Britney Spears?
      What the fuck would you know about music? It’s a form on art, an expression of self, not a fucking blowjob to the masses.

      I don’t think it’s “cool” to do anything I do, not everyone is still a teenager, dumbass. What the fuck is with adults, especially in their 20’s, that think every 18-year old is still an immature teen going through phases? Firstly, there IS an establishment and I wasn’t even talking about them and I’ve never talked about them on my blog, it’s pointless cause nothing will ever be done. And your Damro analogy, wtf?

      I don’t need to talk about music to mark myself as different, I don’t need people to think I’m different.

      And as for classical music, I never said that wasn’t music, moron. I was referring to the genres that I listen to and the ones that I miss. I have nothing against ANY of the music before the 80’s. I would’ve loved to live in those era’s. Hell I would have loved to live in the time of Elvis, or The Beatles, or Jimi Hendrix, or Nirvana, but it’s pointless saying that cause I can’t.

      I don’t see much “point” in your argument either, just you (as usual) finding a way to put me down and then laugh and stick your nose up with your higher-than-thou attitude. Fuck you, douchebag.

      And Sabby, I hope none of those indie artists you listen to see your comment, in case you haven’t realize, it’s because of the music industry that they’ve been suppressed for all these years, and now with the help of the internet they’re taking over (thank God). They are artists who’ve actually suffered to make it, playing gigs in their garages and at birthday parties and all sorts of stupid shit to get the word out, but now they’ve got the internet so it’s not as hard as before. But thankfully that doesn’t make them any less sincere.

      • Jerry says:

        Do I even have to say how kiddish you’re being after that comment?
        “higher than thou attitude” pushed in there along with a “What the fuck would you know about music?”.


        Kids these days. Can’t even make a cohesive argument. Neither do they seem able to understand what that comment says.

        I mean that genres change along with newer generations. Every successive generation has a bunch of fools yelling about how the new stuff is blasphemous to the gods of music.

        As for commercialism, pretty much EVERY professional band or artist is in it to go mainstream. That’s the POINT. They don’t live in their parents basements. There may be a few who just use it as, like you said, an art form, but the rest of it is art too. You swearing at me doesn’t make it any less so. Britney spears practiced her art, as did Bob Dylan. Apples and oranges, my emo friend.

      • St. Fallen says:

        just listen to yourself.

        As for genres taking over, pop has existed since the 50’s, and became commercial in the 70’s, turned mainstream by the 80’s. It lost it’s music-value somewhere along the way. It’s not exactly a phase that’s going to go away very soon, which is why I’m worried.

        As for bands wanting to make it mainstream, it’s not a goal, it’s just something all bands HAVE to go through. Take for example Lostprophets. These guys were never all too passionate about their music. They even put it on hold to get their studies done at one point. With each album release they’ve been called sell-outs and each time they lose more fans and gain some. They probably lost and gained the most in their last effort, which was something like pop-rock meets emo, no surprise there. Now they’re trying to bring back the attitude of their first release with the pop sensibilities of the last, which can only mean it’s getting worse.

        Just go through music critique sites, look at which albums get what kinda ratings. I don’t follow those to decide what I listen to, but it’s interesting to see WHY certain albums don’t get high ratings even if they do sound good. What I’m trying to say is that this generation doesn’t have a Bob Dylan or a Jimi Hendrix or any awe-inspiring artist to aspire to, save for maybe Jack White but he just doesn’t compare. I wouldn’t want my kinds growing up to be “just like Lady Gaga”, riding disco sticks and whatnot.

        I’m not mad anymore over this, I just needed to write this post to get it all out, and whether or not people got what I was trying to say doesn’t matter. Whether or not you understood doesn’t matter either, since you clearly don’t feel the same. The only educated response I’ve gotten was from Asvajit, and I’m at least thankful for that. And strange enough I got better responses on Facebook, no surprise what music they listened to. Which is part of the reason the blog’s going down and I might consider going with FB notes.

        Now it’s a matter of choosing between hitting delete or private, which I will decide in time.

      • Jerry says:

        The only intelligent response? All these other comments are saying is that you can’t condemn entire genres of music just because you don’t like it. Which is what the post read like. The post, the oh so terrible post made it look like you’re some typical angsty teen.

        Truly great musicians don’t always turn up in every generation, and not always in he same genre either. There WILL be more great musicians, just that we probably won’t consider em so. Lyricists are at a dearth in the currently popular musicians, bt that doesn’t mean music is dead. It’s just changed.

        Close te blog or do whatever, but accusing people for being closed minded when they _defend_ a class of music they don’t even listen to, and further, think is crappy, is a little twisted isn’t it?

        Facebook? Really? I don’t even know where to start on that 😛

  7. javajones says:

    Raging at the machine, are you? So what kind of music turns you on?

  8. T says:

    music, like all art, is subjective kid. Live with it.

  9. sittingnut says:

    how original! what insight! not a platitude in sight!

    a nut said “but why does the sentiments expressed here sounds similar sentiments in ‘commercial pop’?”.
    just don’t mind him! he is a nut

  10. Chavie says:

    The Beatles (who are my favorite band btw) were the epitome of commercialization back in their day… some of their best work was written when the record bosses gave them two days to write ‘just another love song’ and the stuff they wrote became insanely popular, but still doesn’t make them any less great a band than what they were!

  11. Whacko says:

    yeah music is just music man. you like some of it you don’t like some of it. Some are in it for the money; some are in it for intellectual/ artistic satisfaction. the genres depend on supply and demand and people usually get what they want, and some of em will also rant like you are doing right now. That’s the way the world has always been. and not just when it comes to music. But accepting that will mean admitting that we’re no different or unique than anyone else out there. And that’s too uncool a reality for most of us to face up to. so we rant against the ‘masses’ 😀

  12. St. Fallen says:

    Okay I can’t be bothered replying to each and every comment here
    I just have one thing to say:
    Try making your own fucking music, and expressing yourself through it, and then fucking talk

  13. Anne says:

    Miley Cyrus !!!!!! Christ !! Anyone who likes MC has rather bad taste 🙂 Perhaps all this emo. anger etc etc is self directed ?

    Its rather funny when people who adore Miley Cyrus have this holier than thou attitude.

  14. Jeezus, Fallen. Not everybody thinks like you.
    I agree, commercial pop is for wannabe fags. But don’t force your opinion on others. Waste of time, man.

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