Let’s Start A Riot!

… or a social revolution rather.

Beyond Borders is a space where young people can express themselves and work on development issues they are passionate and concerned about. We are entirely youth-led, youth-run and run by a core group of volunteers.

Our three themes – Identity, Diversity and Active Global Citizenship – captures the spirit of Beyond Borders. What all this means exactly, is very personal. But for each of us in Beyond Borders it means something special and a vision for a society and world we’d like to live in. Beyond Borders provides a platform to work towards this vision and encourages other young people to come along.

from the BeyondBorders.lk website

So that’s who they are, what do they do?

Well a lot of things it seems, the most recent to my knowledge being the TEDx Colombo talks, and the forum theater performance Jerk?, both of which exceeded my expectations. If that doesn’t really tell you what their work is about, let me steal some more info from their site:

We like to think of ourselves as a development-focused civil society organization, not a charity. Our focus is on social and development issues and action aimed at bringing about long-term and sustainable change.

Being a youth organization we think our strength lies in working with other young people on peer-education initiatives, promoting causes we believe in and helping other civil society actors to help create a better country and a better world, one step at a time. At the moment we are focused on issues related to peace, governance and citizenship.

Okay, by now you should understand!


So if you want to make an impact on the society you live in, instead of bickering over a plain tea and a Gold Leaf, join the Beyond Borders team if you’re between the age of 18 and 24 (sorry, over that is just not young enough apparently, boo hoo oldies can’t change anything lu).

I think I might join, you should consider it too.

p.s. that was just a public service announcement, the blog is still shutting down, it will be open for a week after which it will be locked again. Sorry.

7 Responses to “Let’s Start A Riot!”
  1. Jerry says:

    You weren’t even aware of what was happening for most of the TED talks 😛

    And yay!


  2. Black Rose says:

    Glad to see this running, even if its for a little while.

  3. Whacko says:

    thats 16-24 actually, brillaint post! coming today?

  4. Makuluwo says:

    Funkiest poster ev0r.
    And what is with this locking and unlocking business? Such gayness.

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