If All The Smart People Died…

… it would be a lot like this:

I was watching this show and this particular bit got me laughing my ass off at something I’ve thought about a lot. How the world is full of dumb people.

Comedians are not as dumb as their jokes might make them out to be. By comedians I don’t mean Russel Peters, Jeff Dunham and Dane Cook, I mean comedians like George Carlin (may he rest in peace) and Bill Hicks! Those guys were onto something!

They are able to laugh at life because they really understand what it means. They laugh at the most mundane things and stuff you never even thought about. Because they fucking know what it’s all about! That’s why it’s funny. It’s all just a big fucking joke. If you’re not laughing, you’re fucking stupid.

This piece is called “The Devolution Of Dumb People” and it’s basically a contemplation on what would happen if every single smart person died at the same time leaving all the idiots of the world with their advanced technology. And it goes from right now all the way back to Ancient Egypt. If you’ve got an open mind and you’re not a total idiot, you’ll find this extremely funny or at least enlightening.

I’ve always stood by my belief that the world is full of morons, and seeing a comedian take that and turn it into something comic was really a treat. Kudos to Joe Rogan for making me laugh at the sick reality of life and human existence! You gotta love dumb people!


9 Responses to “If All The Smart People Died…”
  1. “The Devolution Of Dumb People”
    Ftw???? =D Naice!

  2. Chathura W says:

    Hahahaha… ROFL… 😀 😀 😀

    Watching the rest of his stuff on youtube now. Thanks for posting this 😀

  3. needsomesoup says:

    thnx mach..

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