… is the only word I can think of to describe my loss.

I finally got my pc back, after about a month without it, had to replace a whole load of shit, but it’s back. Sadly there was something I couldn’t replace, something that inhabited my hard drive. I lost over 18,000 songs. All carefully organized, tagged, with album art and everything, even folders for artists with subfolders for albums and all that jazz, all gone. Sigh…

I spent about 6 months getting it to that amount. It was originally somewhere around 5000, then I started downloading discographies and it went up to 8000, then I went into a phase of listening to 3 albums a day. I’d download em and listen to em as soon as they’re done. One after the other, reading the reviews while I’m at it, going through the lyrics etc. On weekends I’d spend most of the day just listening to albums of music I’d never heard before, one Sunday I listened to 12 albums back to back. My dad bursts in asking me what the hell I’m doing and I go “listening to music”, to which he promptly replies “FOR 12 HOURS!?”

It wasn’t just rock and metal btw, my taste in music is broader than that, though those genres provide the base. Lately I’ve been getting into electronica and chiptune music and such, and I’m always looking for something new and exciting, or just something that arouses my interest. To me good music is the kind in which you can feel the energy, negative or positive, you feel it. It doesn’t matter what it sounds like, it could be the catchiest beat ever with the best vocals, but I wouldn’t give a fuck unless I could feel it. So yeah, I’m hoping to find more music like that.

If there’s anything I’m passionate about it’s probably music, not even playing the guitar or writing, but listening to music. I always consider myself a listener rather than a speaker, which is the opposite when it comes to reading and writing – I’m a writer, not a reader. It’s something I can talk about at length, going on and on about what it means to me, to listen to a good album, to find a song to which I can relate, or to decipher the hidden meanings in certain songs and their lyrics. There’s so much to it, so many levels on which you can experience it, and it’s hard to share all of that.

This post is rather pointless really, but I just felt like it deserved to be written about. Right now I’ve only 8 albums on my pc, I’m downloading one by one, taking it slow, revisiting old faves and such. I still have the busted hard drive, I think I might frame it with an epitaph and put it on my wall. I’ll most likely go with “You Can’t Kill The Metal! \m/” or something. Will post a pic when I get down to it, and yes, I’m being serious.

10 Responses to “Tragic”
  1. Jerry says:

    what happened to your hard drive? O.o

  2. Gehan says:

    bugger.. that IS tragic.. i have a measly 13GB of music, but all tagged and sorted with album art like u said.. i’d prob go nuts if i lost all that…

    ok im gnna go back up my music.. lol..

  3. Chavie says:

    damn! 😦 sorry to hear about that man, really is tragic when you lose stuff like that that you really liked… and like you said, you should really get an external HD…

  4. Oh man, I can totally feel with u, bro! Me2 lost abt 4GB of my most valuable collection (which included a whole MJ discography)! It took me nearly a month to download them back, considering how bad the torrents were! Hope u get ur collection back in order soon! 🙂

  5. dylan` says:

    thats insane. 100-fucking-gigabytes a lot of music..
    but in a way its good to start collecting all over, cos you end up with only those albums that mattered most.
    the same thing happened to my “movies” drive. and that was a total bitch.
    next time. back that shit up!
    good luck with it!
    peace 🙂

  6. chathuraw says:

    Ouch. I’ve been there… Lost a 250GB drive once with loads of photos and over 60GB of music. But like Jerry said you could probably give the HDD to someone that might be able to recover it. 🙂

  7. Dulan says:

    That’s pretty much the worst thing that can happen to a guy. The portable HDD sounds like a good option, especially with the prices a bit ok for the moment.

    Hope you use a UPS, although there’s nothing that can do to help when there’s a short in the PSU.

    You should do what Jerry says – there’s a joint in Unity Plaza well known for recovering data from hard disks. I’m planning to do the same – will let you know the results.

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