The Butt

It started with one, as I was wailing away during a live acoustic session on TinyChat, climaxing over chords. And then he started broadcasting. and he was….


And then they came in numbers, one after the other they began to speak, loud, obnoxious Negroes, talking black. The rest of us scrambled, trying to ban them from the chatroom. But to no avail, the negroe scum was here to stay. We left, one by one, fleeing for our lives. But some of us stayed, for reasons known only to PapareBoy’s mom, and witnessed what no man should ever have to witness. One of us was…


Yes, mooned, by a black man.

Click here for an artist’s impression of The Butt


8 Responses to “The Butt”
  1. Chavie says:

    dude your racism disturbs me! 😛

    and he was crying all night about you kicking him out of the room! 😀

  2. -______-
    you suck. This was not meant to be blogged about LUZRFACE.

    & that was totally traumatising. 😛

  3. Makuluwo says:

    LOL. Man. No words can do justice to the epicness of that invasion.

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  1. […] p.s. you can hear the “interference” on the fifth track, the one I talked about here. […]

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