Bloggers I’ve Met

There have been many over the year or so I’ve been on Kottu. Starting with the Queen Of The Dark Asylum, who was the one that convinced me to start blogging, like a proper blog, not the crap I used to pollute WordPress with. Back then I only posted my lyrics and poetry on Facebook, and never really ranted much about anything. She was the first blogger I really met through blogging. And we became really good friends, though we don’t keep in touch these days as much as before, I know I can still go to her when I’m in need.

Some bloggers I’ve already known before I read their blogs, like Ahamed Nizar and even The Missing Sandwich. I’d apparently found her even before I knew she was missing. I was at Ahamed’s place jamming on the guitar when she walks in (she was helping his sister out with some article) and teaches me how to play! Pissing off, it was, and I didn’t really like her very much. However, reading her blog (not knowing it was her) probably changed all that 😛

Then there’s others who I’ve never met in person but talk to online, like Lady Divine. I’ve always found it easy to talk to her, I don’t think she’s ever gotten on my nerves, though I’m sure I’ve probably rattled hers a few times 😀

Quite a few of my posts have actually stemmed from conversations with her, all I really need to do is copy paste whatever I say and touch it up a bit and voila! I have a post (:

Then there are people I’ve found, or who’ve found me through my blog. This particular post moved one blogger enough to actually comment, something she almost never does. Months later I realized she hadn’t commented again, so I decided to mail her and check. She keeps deleting her blogs, and I’d never read hers back then anyway. I added her on msn and what followed was the beginning of one of the closest friendships in my life. We spoke, exchanged music, spent time together when she came down. It was great, we made each other feel better, we made each other happy, and I hope we still do.

This is getting kinda mushy isn’t it? Gah!

Finally there’s friends I’ve made through blogging who I actually hang out with more than my “real” friends. Some I’m fond of, some that piss me off, some who I piss off as well, but we’re still good friends. The Whackster, Jerry, PapareBoy, Unsilent, and the guys, in other words 😛

I think The Whackster has probably influenced me the most out of all the bloggers I’ve met. I’d say he’s inspired me, but then it’s like I’m kissing his ass or something. So, no. It’s weird, sometimes I feel like he’s a big brother or something. I look up to him, not his blog. 😛

We’ve had a lot of thought-provoking conversations, philosphical, stoner-talk, on religion, society, power, matchsticks and cigarettes, all sorts of shit! And he’s probably the only other blogger I’ve met who can go on and on about stuff as much as I do.

So that’s about it really, there are others I’ve met briefly, but haven’t had much impact. Save for one I guess, who would be Dilly of Dilly-Dallying. When I shut down my old blog and moved to a new one, I decided I wouldn’t rant on it. So sometimes in the middle of the night I’d mail her, ranting and raving about whatever was on my mind. Sometimes just random letters, a keyboard smash that would look like “JHISEROGHSGN sioegn KDV,SDM IKEASGUYaseIG KFBNSKPERHG” and she’d actually respond to that. And that helped, I guess, more than I thought it would. Ran into her once at Odel, a very brief meeting, but it was nice to see how much shorter she was.


So TMS tagged me in some “loyal friends and readers” thing, where I need to tag 5 bloggers who have been faithful to me and my blog. I guess I’ve already done so above, but I’ll just list them out anyway in case they wanna have a go at this thing too:

Queen Of The Dark Asylum
Lady Divine
The Whackster
and finally, Sheena Beena Cornflake Girl.

So go ahead and write a post about your loyal friends and readers, and tag 5 others to share the love.

The laoo. 😛

10 Responses to “Bloggers I’ve Met”
  1. Whacko says:

    hehehh 😀

    cant think of anything else to say Little Brother :p

  2. lady divine says:

    It’s fun to talk to you..
    we’ve had annoying conversations, insightful ones, advice oriented ones, fun conversations, you’ve sung to me and kept telling me I had a sultry voice!

    and yes there were times I was bugged.. but it was fun!:)

  3. Cornflake Girl says:

    Moeey :]

    I look forward to seeing you in less than two months

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