Worn Out Shoes

You know that saying about wearing someone else’s shoes to know how it feels? How often do you really do that? If ever at all? It’s nearly impossible to know exactly how another feels, but you can try. Right?

Try, just try to imagine what it’s like to be that guy with no friends. That girl in the corner, eating her lunch alone, in the back of the class, no one to talk to, or giggle with. Imagine what it’s like to sit in class all day, not talking to anyone, no interaction whatsoever. Just sit still, for hours on end. Look around, faces uninterested in what you’re doing or what you’re thinking of, no one cares – no one.

Put on their shoes, tie up those laces, and walk around a bit.

How does it feel? Do you feel your toes crushed inside? Do you feel your ankle begin to ache, as you realize the shoe is just not your size. You weren’t meant to wear that shoe, and you couldn’t bear it anyway. So loosen up the laces, the ties that bind, and give it another try. Any improvement? Not really, just feeling a little loose, ankle’s better but the toes still hurt. You try to wriggle them around, but they’re restricted, like that girl in the corner, unable to move. She waits till the rest of the class leave before she packs her bag. There are no more tears running down her cheek, she’s gotten used to it now. The boy that no one speaks to walks out of class, looks around eager to meet the eyes of someone, anyone. He finds nothing, no one, not a soul. Not even a dog on the side of the road. Nothing.

So cut along the front of the shoe, watch your toes come out. Feel the air on your toes, tickling. Now walk. Pretty soon you stub your toe into a chair, that’s got to hurt. Your nails get dirty, and somehow the wind doesn’t make up for it. Like that boy or that girl running through the rain, the only place they can cry where no one would notice. They don’t seem to realize, no one really cares if they cry. Nothing really changes, they only feel a little better, till the thunder and the lightning come in, scaring them away. But what is there to fear, when you have nothing in life to hold on to? Just a bundle of books, a box of toys, and a pair of old, worn out shoes.

By now you’ve broken through those shoes, and the laces are muddy and withered. You look for your own, and quickly get out of that stinking old pair. You wash your feet, get rid of the filth, and slip back into that old familiar comfort. You wriggle your toes, feel the freedom, to do whatever you please, and still feel at ease. Your ankles don’t hurt, your laces aren’t soaked, you’re alright. But what about that boy that no one ever speaks to, and that girl in the corner of the class? Well, what about them?

Oh right, I forgot, no one cares.

Old Shoe by ~miki3d

Old Shoe by ~miki3d

Sometimes putting yourself in someone else’s shoes can hurt, especially when they’re too tight.

– St. Fallen

11 Responses to “Worn Out Shoes”
  1. Chavie says:

    WOW! just wow! 😯

    good one man! 🙂

  2. Hmmm..Some shoes stink to get into.

  3. lady divine says:

    excellent post! loved it!

  4. Cadence says:

    Very nice. One of ur best so far 🙂

    I guess ur personality has a lot to do with getting noticed.. how u project urself and make an effort to get to know people. That being said and done, there’ve been times where I’ve sat in a class barely knowing anybody! and it’s true, unless u care enough to get to know ppl, no one cares enough to get to know u. Unless they want to borrow ur notes! 😀

  5. black says:

    that’s sad. 😕 loneliness ca do weird shit to the mind.
    and did u just quote urself???? GAH! 😛 😛

  6. I loved the line you used with shoes. That one is so effective and practical as we experience it everyday in our life.

  7. Rannelee says:

    shoes.. yeah I wrote about having to wear somebody’s shoe sometime back 🙂

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