Open Mic, at long last!

It’s been a long time coming, too long!


We’re having an Open Mic tomorrow, Thursday 8th October, at the warehouse behind Park Street Mews. It starts at 8pm as usual, and anyone’s welcome. The crowd usually consists of mostly bloggers and their friends, some have criticized the event as being a gathering of “like-minded individuals” blabbering on about things they can’t change, and some think it’s a gathering of hippies. As far as I’m concerned it’s neither. Anyone can make a change if they put enough effort into it, and this is a good platform to express yourself, your ideas, and your opinions. “It’s one space for free expression if you care to exercise it”, as Indi put it.

What basically happens is we all get together and sit down on mats and one person goes up and reads out a poem or an article or even something out of a book. Some prefer to sing and play the guitar, and some just like to sit and listen. We’re fine with all of that, you can even heckle, as long as it’s not too disruptive. There’s usually a bucket of arrack tea that runs dry within the first hour or so, better get there on time if you want some. It’s usually really good, last time I drank mine out of a coconut shell! How hardcore is that?

I created a Facebook event so you can go RSVP here, and if you’ve never been to an OM before, I’ve posted some videos of previous OM’s here:

Hope to see you guys there!
It’ll be fun, I swear 😛


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