Open Mic: Thank You

A new venue and a new crowd, last night was rather different compared to the Open Mic events we’ve had before, and interesting in its own way. We didn’t have as many speakers as usual, but managed to go on till about 10, falling just about an hour short of the usual. There were discussions on the hikka matter, something about sex and women being 2nd class citizens. There was more female participation this time around, at least when it came to the discussions, so that’s good. Usually it’s just Jerry insulting females and they just take it like PapareBoy takes Your Mom jokes. Oh, and SinnerMendis, which is this weird mix of arrack and Sunquick and other stuff. Me and Jerry actually mixed it, and then Indi came and decided it tasted fowl so fixed it with some soda. It tasted good, surprisingly!

I’d like to thank everyone who did show up, I was pretty nervous that there wouldn’t be enough people, but the turn up was pretty decent. I’m not so sure if we’ll continue to have it at that venue since it was kinda warm, unless we sort out a few fans it might get uncomfortable with a bigger crowd. Also, I think I should stay sober through these things cause somehow I just don’t enjoy it as much when I’m not. issstrange.

So yeah, thanks everyone for coming, we’ll have the next one soon!
Join the Facebook group here to get alerts, I’ll try to give you guys at least a weeks notice next time. (:


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