Screamer Radio

This weekend I had to go over to a friend’s place to finish some group assignment. We smoked up on the way, had lunch and then smoked up again, leaving just a bit for after we were done. As a reward, so we’d actually finish our work. And we did, surprisingly, and our answers were pretty good too. Stuff that would never occur to us otherwise, flowing so freely, and so perfectly worded, this is how he did all his literature assignments he told me. Interesting…

After we were done with our work he had some other group project to work on with his friend, so I just laid down and chilled out. They were playing some trippy Drum N Bass music, I asked them what the song was, and they said it was radio! Screamer Radio, to be precise. It’s an application that streams free radio stations from around the world, including Police and Airport scanners! The stations are pretty good, especially ProgRock Records, Aural Moon, and The Oracle. The Oracle is for Drum N Bass, the other two are progressive rock stations, but they’re trippy as fuck!

You can listen to ProgRock Records even without Screamer at but the others require the app. It’s a tiny download and doesn’t take much space/RAM/or even bandwidth! And you can record whatever you’re listening to, with track info and all. The quality is nothing to complain about, you won’t think you’re listening to radio. Check it out if you’re bored with your music collection, or the crap they play on SL radio. (:

3 Responses to “Screamer Radio”
  1. Cadence says:

    SL radio is not THAT bad is it? Oh wait… I happen to like Jason Mraz and Peter Gabriel 😉

  2. Chavie says:

    oooh good shit man! 😀 finally decent radio stations that stick to the genre they say they play! lol 😉

  3. `dylan says:

    thanks man!
    been looking for such an app for a while..

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