The Other 1/10th Of The Law

The junkies are on the streets, itching and throwing up their guts.
Itching for one last hit, one last needle prick.
They say an addict spends 1/10th of their life waiting.
Just… Waiting.

The government is taking down the underworld,
But the junkies know the government is really taking over the underworld.
The addicts will still get their fix,
And the government will keep playing its dirty tricks.
And no one on the surface will notice.

The junkies will die of their addiction.
The government will target new customers,
Disguised as the underworld,
The innocent will fall into the cycle.
And on and on it will go till there’s no sober party left. And then it ends?

Drug Addiction by ~ScottyRobotty

Drug Addiction by ~ScottyRobotty

Nothing ever ends.

6 Responses to “The Other 1/10th Of The Law”
  1. Chavie says:

    whoa! 😯

    good stuff man!

  2. Whacko says:

    thats some 1984 esque shiz man. we come to a point where crime equates goverment

  3. sittingnut says:

    another blame game while wallowing in junkie victimhood?

    where is the word “i”?
    everything can end and change if “i” want it. but its easier to wallow.

  4. rice pudding says:

    I think we need to stop victimizing the junkies – stop putting them in jail thinking this will solve the problem.. instead we need to support them in getting over their addiction – if that is what they want of course. The real ones that need to be caught and punished are the pushers and the people who take bribes and allow drugs to be bought and sold in the country. no point punishing the victims.

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