Life & Some Verses

We’ve come this far
Do we wonder?
How it could have been different
How we could’ve grown up

Been through so much
Do we ponder?
About the days we spent together
About the nights we spent alone

I have, I used to do it all the time
But it’s never a good thing to indulge in the past
For where there is no change there can be no hope
And what is life without hope’s shimmering light?

.:...hope.:. by =Edhelamarth

.:...hope.:. by =Edhelamarth

Life is but a haze,
a fog, a mist, a maze.

2 Responses to “Life & Some Verses”
  1. Rannelee says:

    really this poem took me back my track. 🙂

  2. lady divine says:

    something i really needed to read…

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