Fuck TNL

When a friend of mine shouted that out in the crowd at a concert the other day, not Onstage but that of a local metal band, the frontman was quick to respond, preventing the inevitable shitstorm of anti-TNL comments, stating everything they’d done for them and the rest of the Metal community. While he didn’t mention any specifics, I knew he was talking about TNL Onstage, a platform where local musicians come together and compete to win a cash prize and gain some exposure, and their local chart show which sometimes plays local Metal tracks.

But how much of this really applies anymore? When was the last time you heard a Metal song on TNL? On the local chart show, Spinning Unrest, or ANY of their shows for that matter. I haven’t heard one in years, I can’t even remember the last time. Is it because they suck? Is it because Sri Lankan Metal can’t compete with whatever bullshit’s being played on the radio? No.

In the past few years there has been a massive change in the quality of the music that’s been coming out of Sri Lankan artists, especially Metal. The bands are tighter, the compositions are better, and the recordings sound far clearer and much more professional. So where are they lacking? Are they lacking at all? No.

So why don’t they get airtime, why don’t they get interviews, is it because no one listens to their music? Before you answer yes and I burst out laughing, the answer is no. There are way more metalheads today than there has ever been. There’s a whole new generation that’s been coming for gigs, and starting their own bands. But what message is TNL sending to them? What message is Onstage sending them?

Come to Onstage, form your own band and compete for the grand prize! 1 million rupees worth of studio equipment, share the stage with an international metal act, be a part of future TNL events! La di fucking da. How many of these “winners” actually go on to put out an album? How many of these new bands actually stick together after falling short at the finals? How many of them are real musicians with an actual passion for making music, not making money or winning a competition?

I’ve seen bands that come onto the stage that are basically the same band as last year with a new vocalist or some line-up change and a new name. I don’t see a band that skipped school to practice at some dingy home studio. I don’t see a band that skipped lunch to save up money to pay for a gig. I don’t see a band that worked tirelessly to create a song that reflects who they are and the music they play. I see a bunch of pansies trying to get famous and make some money on the way. And that sickens me.

Look at the metal scene right now, who’s doing well for themselves? Who’s been working their asses off to put out an album and play ear-splitting gigs? If you’ve been to the gigs of the past two years, this answer will come to you easily. Besides the obvious, such as Stigmata, a band that has always worked hard to get to where they are, there’s bands like Funeral In Heaven, Fallen Grace, Merlock, and Karmic Sulphur, all of whom got to where they are not because of some stupid competition, but because of hard work and dedication. The latter of which a lot of acts at Onstage lack.

And why is that? Well it’s simple really, because that’s just what they are: Acts. That’s what Onstage is in its entirety, it’s an act. It’s not real, what they’re doing isn’t real. They don’t really give a damn about the local music scene, they don’t care about the bands that compete, heck, they don’t even care about their audience. All they care about, just like any other corporation, is money.

I haven’t been in the metal scene for a very long time, but I’ve spoken to the members of these bands and I know from the experiences they’ve related just how far they’ve come. I haven’t even been to most of the Onstage shows, save for this year’s and last year’s finals, but what went down this time doesn’t need me to have been at any of them. What happened on Saturday, the 31st of October, 2009, is something no metalhead who was there will ever forget.

Just like last year, TNL got down Chitral Somapala and his band Civilization One who were the main attraction both last time and this time as well. We waited until the very end of the show to see Chitty and C1 get on stage. We were excited, ready to let loose, and go crazy in the moshpit. But something was different this time around. There was a line.

They had created a line separating the crowd from the stage so that they could run a camera along a track to film the performance. This kept us about 10 feet away from the stage, where the front of the crowd usually rest their arms whilst headbanging, and use to hold themselves up as the rest push forward whilst moshing and headbanging as well. But this wasn’t possible this time, instead of the stage we had a line of security guards holding hands, creating a barrier between us and the band, a barrier that should not have existed, a barrier that served no real purpose, besides allowing the camera to pass through the track.

After a while the crowd got excited and started moshing, if you’re not familiar with the term it’s when members of the crowd create a “pit” where they run at each other, throwing each other around, with no intent to harm the other party, but just to loosen up and have a good time. This caused some at the front to be pushed forward, which distressed the security guards. Besides the appointed security, there were also a few TNL employees who were appointed as “bouncers” or crowd control or whatever, who were behind the security guards ordering them around. One of them in particular took it upon himself to confront members of the audience who tried to push through, and get to the stage. One of them went too far.

The track was taken off, as it seemed as though the barrier could easily break if the crowd tried hard enough to do so, and there was no more camera to worry about. So why was there still a line? Last year the crowd was right up against the stage, there were policemen instead of security guards who did an excellent job of controlling the crowd, and no one was hurt. Sadly, the same cannot be said this time around.

One particular member of the crowd couldn’t stand the barrier any longer and pushed forward in an attempt to break the barrier and get to the stage. The security guard retorted, not by pushing back, but by hitting him. We all know what happens when push comes to shove, and I know a lot of you will say, “well what do you expect them to do when you’ll act so violently, you’ll are a threat to the safety of the band…” la di fucking da.

First of all, shut the fuck up. A metalhead, a fan, would never be a threat to the band, and would never harm a member of a band playing on the stage. Second, they’d need to climb onto the stage in order to do that, which some people did last year, and none of them tried to hurt a member of the band, none of them were a “threat”.

So this metalhead fought back and things got ugly, more security guards got involved, including the TNL employees, and yet another metalhead came to his aid, taking on the five or six guards that were going at just one person. Though he gave a good fight the guards managed to overpower him and taken him down to the ground, which would have been enough “control”, and went on to punch him repetitively, in the face. Fortunately, there was no blood spilt that night, and no bones broken. But the image, the sight of a fellow metalhead being thrown to the ground and beaten by the guards that are supposed to ensure the safety of both the audience and the band, was more than just unpleasant.

Two of the TNL employees got a little too involved in this, and took it personally to find the “troublemakers”. One even went so far as to verbally assault them and give them the finger, in front of everyone who was there, and threaten him. I was right there when this happened, I was standing between the said employee and the “troublemaker”, and at that moment it wasn’t him who was getting the finger, it wasn’t him who was being threatened, it was me. It was every metalhead that was there that night to have a good time, it was all of us.

While TNL may claim to have the right to have done what they did, as their regulations states that they would not allow anyone to be a threat to the audience or the running of the concert, it doesn’t say they would resort to physically assaulting the said “threats” and verbally abuse them. IF we were such a threat, all they had to do was ask us to leave, and they had every right to do that, but they didn’t. There were only two “troublemakers”, as far as they were concerned, and it wouldn’t have been such a big deal at all to remove them from the venue, so why didn’t they do it? Why did they resort to violence, when their purpose was to prevent it? Was it not wrong, what they did? Wasn’t there a better way? Or do you have something clever to say to this too?

Well there’s just one thing I have to say to you, and to the guards, and the TNL employees, and TNL:


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  1. Keh-Beh says:

    Oh my god. Such language! jiji

    Okay, let’s get serious. I couldn’t make it to Onstage this year nor last year, for that matter, but from what I heard of what happened, I’ll have to agree with you on this. 🙂 I hope the guys are all right. I’d expect a shit(mael)storm in the near future.

  2. darkangelruki says:

    Oh shit!.Honestly, Im repulsed to say the least!!!

  3. sittingnut says:

    serves tnl right for being charitable and helping these beggars and cry babes. never works.

  4. What the FUCK :/ TNL has just gone to the fucking dogs innit..

  5. arya says:

    just goes to show how “professional” they really are.

    tnl rocks. my foot.
    in a way I’m glad they don’t play metal anymore, frankly i don’t think these pansies would be able to take REAL music.
    why don’t you change that logo to “TNL hops” instead and not bother bringing down an international metal act because after all, from what happened it just goes to show that these people have low tolerance to people who do what is normally done at a metal show: HAVE FUN.

    all the discredit i can muster is reserved solely for TNL. may you rot in peace.

  6. Jevon says:

    dude your not going to believe what hapned to me today i had just told this story to my dad on the way down from my grandmothers room in asiri surgical hospital and the bugger who owns TNL and his daughter were in the lift with us

  7. Jevon says:

    they got an earful of me telling my dad how much they suck =P , dad only told me who it was after we got out of the lift and got into the car, btw this post took the words right out of my mouth they are stabbing the hearts of the local community that built them up from nothing just for the cash and acting like total assholes in the process

  8. PseudoRandom says:

    The barrier is something I’ve seen at every gig I’ve been to here, regardless of the size of the crowd (I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a Health and Safety requirement in the UK). Usually they have bouncers at the front who ‘collect’ the crowd surfers and put them down carefully and escort them back into the crowd. I’ve never witnessed any of the brutality you’ve mentioned.

    I’m not a metalhead, nor am I a fan of moshing, but I respect the fact that moshing is a part of the live music experience, and I think it would do TNL good to take a similar approach.

    As for the first part of your post…your argument is the same that everyone uses in the ‘talent show’ debate. Yes I agree there are many participants that are merely ‘acts’, in it for their 15mins of fame…but once in a while you do get someone who’s slaved away in dingy corners performing for ungrateful audiences in the hope that someone influential hears them etc. etc., and they figure why not try a talent show…luck has a lot to do with it. I for one don’t fault them for it. Yes the radio station’s only in it for the money, but that’s life :-).

    Anyway I hope your friend’s ok.

  9. Whacko says:

    you’re a pussy ass bunch of metalheads if you all just stood by and watched that guy’s finger as he waved it in front of your faces. if you don’t like the TNL system, break out of it. And nice one for the ‘unity’ and ‘solidarity’ of metalheads if you all just stood by and let ur guys get beaten up by six security guards. im just saying 😀

  10. Zzzt says:

    You guys (for the most part) are a bunch of “rockists” don’t know what that means? Look it up…and grow up while your at it. For the first time in my life i actually agree with sittingnut. Will the wonders ever cease.

  11. Suresh says:

    The so called ‘metalheads’ in Sri Lanka are just a bunch of faggoty wannabes. They deserve to get the shit kicked out of them for being such a bunch of emos!

    Oh and for all you ‘tough metalheads’ who’re now ranting on your blogs, I’m SO proud of the way you stood by and let two guys get thrashed by the bouncers. Truly Sri Lankan ‘metalhead’ behaviour!

    HA HA HA HA HA…! Pussyheads would describe you a lot better!

  12. Jerry says:

    Dramaqueen. Tnl’s no saint but you’re just hysterical. Everyone’ll forget. Get out of your little self-righteous bubble, mr. Music-maker.

  13. evilgoesgaagaa says:

    To the faggot pussy-queens who have replied above. No one stood by while it was going on. One guy even got dragged away by the police because the bouncers alone couldnt stop him because he was out of control. If you were thr you would have seen this shit go down.

    & go live in your bubble little world of clubs and vodka you pussies you’l never know what we stand for! So Fuck You! \m/

  14. IFuckedVirginMaryAndHungTheBastardChrist says:

    Dear Jerry and Suresh wesige putha’s,

    If you two tossers want to fuck around with us, you’d have to join the line ladies. We wont be letting anyone forgot about this, trust me. They fucked with the wrong crowd, and they KNOW it.

    Evil goes gaa gaa – Machang, about this guy who are talking about. The organizers had to CALL the Police who were outside to throw this guy out cause he was beating the SHIT out of two guards and the self appointed bouncer darlings Misha and Jude couldnt even THINK of taking this guy on. “Malli, api eliyata yang neda?” was ALL, one of the 8 Police buggers said to him before he walked himself out of the venue! haha.

    Suresh wesige putho – Oh darling we’re rough, you should know if you saw one of us jumped in to save a brother and take on 8 guards at once. That’s how WE fucking work. How can we expect little kids to get involved in our problems? That’s a tad PATHETIC now isn’t it darling? I’m sure you handle all of your problems by just calling your daddy on the cell and having him hire 20 thugs to beat the guy who hit on your girlfriend (or boyfriend), but.. thats YOU 😀 Fucking PUSSY.

    PseudoRandom – Menna moley thiyena dial ekak. My respect to you sir. Mehema ekek dakkamai.

    TNL Onstage was going downhill for some years now, but they just stepped into a massive fucking gorge this time.

    • St. Fallen says:

      they just stepped into the abyss 😉

    • Whacko says:

      didnt SEEM like you metal brothers went to help your fellows out. Unless of course you’re saying that the bouncers outnumbered the metalheads. Which either paints a scary picture of TNLs security or a rather dimunitive one of the ‘metal heads’. ‘One of you jumped in’ against 8 guards while the rest of you looked on right? very respectful. im just making observations 😀

      • St. Fallen says:

        from a glass box, watch out for the stones.

        Not everyone there needed to get involved, most were just there to have a good time, getting involved in a fight completely defeats that purpose. Also, more people getting involved would only escalate the situation, the cops would have been called and things would have gotten ugly, and worst of all the performance would be disrupted. Throughout the entire scene the band never stopped playing, props to them for that. There was a clear division in the crowd, the left side moshed, the right side just watched the performance. The guys on the left did their part, if only a few of them, the ones capable of doing something and the guys who actually KNEW the people getting hammered. It would be pointless for someone like me to get involved, and only get beaten up even worse than the others, but when they took one of my friends down I ran out and tried to push the guards away, and shouted at them until they backed off. That’s all I could do, and I did it.

        What’s the point of going over this anyway? It’s besides the point of this post. We’re not crying over getting hammered, or not being supported by our fellow metalheads. We’re sending a message to TNL, that next time it won’t be the same, we won’t just stand and watch. Mess with one of us, you’re messing with all of us. That is all.

    • Suresh says:

      Ooohhh… Look at all the ‘rough’ ‘tough’ ‘metalheads’ going all nutters from the safety of their cozy little chat rooms!! 🙂

      Like I said before, you faggots desrve to get the shit kicked out of you just for being such emo pussies.

      And as for ‘jumping in to save a brother’… be careful you don’t chip a black painted fingernail or smudge your eyeliner!

      Metalheads my ass…!! 🙂

  15. Whacko says:

    so next time your going to get your fists out and fight eh?

  16. Ahamed Nizar says:

    TNL has been going downhill for ages. I didn’t bother going for 3 years now cause its a waste of time.
    I’m not a metal head i’m a club going vodka drinker that evilgoesgagag states (seriously metal heads don’t drink vodka? cause its too pussy?) but i know good music and good time when i see one and TNL doesn’t host it anymore.

    Thing is fallen about the 10 foot space. That’s there at a lot of concerts around the world. Its always used to film so that they can make DVD’s and sell later. Its how sad and money minded concerts have become.
    But the beating up part is sad. They’re taking the Control in Crowd Control a bit too harshly.

    Hope everything is well. And “They just stepped into the abyss”. Haha. A bit corny tho 😛

    • PseudoRandom says:

      Hmm…actually I think the cameramen are usually elevated above the stage. As far as I’m aware, the gap exists partly for filming like you said, and partly so that paramedics have easy access to anyone that might need emergency medical attention near the front of the crowd.

      As for concerts being money-minded…I’ve heard that gigs (not stuff like Onstage, but tour gigs) are the main source of income for artists (as opposed to their record companies), so I think it’s only fair that they try and maximise profits 🙂

      • Ahamed Nizar says:

        Yes but it is onstage so C1 doesn’t actually profit from ticket sales. If there were people or not Civilization 1 was already paid. So there really is no profit from any of this. They sell the tickets at the stage. That’s all the need.

        Plus Onstage is a talent show. Not a concert to see anyone. Normally at Onstage a previous winning band plays a couple of songs or two. But bringing a very popular metal band means only to sell tickets and the profits go to TNL and NOT for the band.

      • PseudoRandom says:

        Hehe yeah I know, which is why I specified that I was talking about tour gigs and not Onstage. I was responding to your criticism of concerts in general. I agree that talent shows are a different beast altogether.

  17. Suresh says:

    Guys, let’s not insult true metalheads, these guys are just scenesters…

  18. Jerry says:

    Oh god, i’m shaking in my seat. Someday somebody’s going to invent a device to stab people in the face over the internet and all you internet warriors will stfu. Nobody’ll remember, because nobody cares.

  19. Nice Anon says:

    Wow…your language saint?
    Does your Mom read your blog? Why do you always come across as a FUCK YOU person on this blog? Dude i don’t think its fashionable to say FUCK YOU. Surely there must be a gentler, refined way to communicate?

  20. St. Fallen says:

    I’ve never been one for doing what’s fashionable, and I really don’t care what impression you have of me.
    I am who I am, and I say what I feel.

  21. Jerry says:

    As for “thinking twice” about leaving comments, please, grow up. I mean really?

  22. arya says:

    getting a little carried away are we?
    stick to the point of the post people. we should be above petty squabbles by now…;)

    • Suresh says:

      The point of the post is that some nail polish and eyeliner wearing fags got their asses kicked, and now they wanna show how tough they are by ranting and raving on their blogs.

  23. Zzzt says:

    Its really amazing how much time you people have on your hands.

  24. Shanjei says:

    In my view TNL has always been a bunch hypocrites who use the word ‘rocks’ to promote itself as a different entity in the radio scene. They have never understood or learn t what it is their fans grew up to be or what rock n roll and metal is all about. I once even remember being unfortunate enough to be at a Flashback show where they had used pictures of Hendrix, Police, The Who, joplin, nirvana etc to create a great theme for the event. But the DJ playing music that night had FOOTLOOSE spinning about a zillion times. Says a lot about their respect and knowledge in rock n roll / metal – doesn’t it friends?

    You go draw a line in front of any drunk metalhead who is moshing in the pit – he will cross it – cos that’s what metalheads do. You bring down a metal band for what? – for people to sit in love chairs and sip on lemonade while watching the band. At least thats wat the folks at TNL expected i guess. well here’s wat I have to say to that in sync with Imaad – FUCK U
    Understand what Moshing is – Understand what metal is. Its no mere form of music which serves as a soundtrack to ur self righteous pathetic lives.

    Kudos to Civilization one – I was there that night just to see their half hour performance. We hope to see C1 headline (longer set please) a show which will feature some of our very talented local bands as well.

  25. that is not the point of this post suresh…ur clearly one of these bitter fuckers like those tnl employees who were beating ppl up…get a life…the point of this post i that tnl, as a proffesional organization should not have done what they did…and how many ppl did u see wearing nail polish and eye liner…dont speak out of ur ass man…its fucking stupid…

  26. Formaldihyde brain says:

    TNLs gonna b a bankrupt company soon and wv ought 2 make it.
    They get sum classical ponnayas from d symphony ochestra 2 cum & judge a death metal show.
    No wonder all d crap bands got chosen & alchemy didnt win
    TNL ‘s just a wanna b rock station wit a bunch of ponna employees who still think bethoven is in d charts.
    TNL shud just get there blody fat ass kicked in d bloody face esp. tanya, vidhu minu & murradh hope 2 c u bueried alive soon in a cesspool of eternal suffering in other words fuck off

    • arya says:

      i have nothing against Beethoven. frankly i like that shit, but its what happened thats wrong and that needs to be rectified. the only way we will get to that is if people are aware of exactly what happened, and so kudos to Fallen for drawing out a clear picture.
      as for nail polish wearing wankers and yadda yadda yadda, please. spare me. even if the person did happen to wear nail polish, its hardly the point of this discussion.

      • Naz says:

        ya wtf is the deal with ‘true’ metalheads and shit? Who are you to judge? seriously! contribute a relevant/sensible comment or stfu!

      • Hansi says:

        ya guys leave Beethoven out of this… 🙂
        he was a wonderful musician in his genre and era and will always be…

        we’re talking about TNL being so hypocritical and about their employees beating up fans…

  27. arya says:


  28. a booger says:

    tnl doesnt rock. bahahahahah. censorship for the win

  29. Dee says:

    meh. Dunno bout metal-heads and how TNL should have acted, but I DO know there’s a LOT of money behind it, being in a company which was in a sponsorship tie up with Onstage. The amount of work and mullah which went into promoting products was insane. So..yeah, it’s just a inlet to fill mutual coffers I guess.

  30. Forsaken says:

    Sri Lankan Metal ? Excuse me but can you understand what the fuck these hookers are ‘singing’ with the accent they got.

    • St. Fallen says:

      it’s not an accent, moron, it’s a vocal style.
      lyrics don’t play such a major role in metal as in other genres, it’s the instruments and the energy that counts.
      and not all metal bands make use of growling or screaming.

    • arya says:

      if you knew what you were talking about you wouldnt leave behind such stupid comments.

  31. silk666 says:

    congrats St. your article was published in the Sunday Leader right ?

    Props for doing something about the pathetic way those morons treated the fans


  32. tyler durden says:

    dude as many guys pointed out what the fuck were the other guys doing when this happened?…i am not saying that TNL is great, i haven’t been to onstage in 4 years and the music played on air sux…but what really happened was that you guys looked on your “brothers” get beaten up…why didn’t you say FUCK YOU and charged the bouncers?…

    • St. Fallen says:

      Why don’t you ask the “other guys” instead of me?

      In case it escapes you, I wouldn’t have written this unless I myself tried to stop it in some way. And I did, when I saw my friend taken down I went in and tried to push the guards away, it goes without saying.

      It’s not an attribute of metalheads to stay out of a fight, it’s in our society.
      Unless the person’s their friend they won’t help, just look at what happened in Bambalapitiya.
      A man was drowned to death, forcibly, and he was mentally unsound as well.

      A hundred people stood and watched.
      Is that really much different from this?
      Whether or not they were metalheads doesn’t matter, it’s our society that’s fucked up.

      And this probably escaped you too, but the “other guy” is you.

      • tyler durden says:

        come on man, me, i like violence a lot…and its not exactly a bamba rite…this was a fucking rock concert man, and in a way everyone in the gig is connected…btw have u seen what happens when police tear gas students?…they FUCKING HIT BACK…think everyone knows each other personally?

      • St. Fallen says:

        that’s tear gas, and the students realize it’s a threat to all of them, simply because they’re protesters. in the case of the gig, the guards only have a problem with those that try to cross the line, not everyone there. so it’s different.

  33. nought. says:

    hi guys, first forgive me for the intrusion, im no metalhead. but having read through st.fallens post and the ensuing comments, i thought i may as well add my tuppence worth.

    i empathise with a lot of what people have said here but i think ur missing the point.

    im new to the metal scene, and have found much respect for the music, the heart and soul that is being poured into it, the sheer brilliance of making music that is in sync with life, as it is in a pure and unadulterated emotion.i also enjoy the fact that ‘rock’ is not the violent music that it is portrayed to be.

    i find that rock music instead endorses coming to terms with, and feeling to the fullest with absolute abandon whatever emotion is being portrayed, rock is not about violent rebellion but about being true to oneself. is it not? correct me if im wrong.

    TNL onstage this year was a first time for me, and i watched with unattached enjoyment.having learnt so much about the very spirit endorsed by my rock fanatic friends in the space of such little time i wanted to see what the only official representation of the ‘rock scene’ in colombo was like.

    tnl is commercialized.the bands that played did not represent any of the ‘spirit’ i wanted it to see.it has become a ‘rock’ version of a local tv talent competition. there are only two things involved in the whole TNL onstage concept. a million to the winner and local pre-organised media exposure/fame whatever, and a free ride on it for TNL. after all. its their name thats splashed everywhere right?

    having said that, u guys need to remember that tnl is the only organisation that actually does something – commercialized or not – as some form of recognition to the rock industry. even if its in a far reaching benefit to the ‘real metal heads’.

    there’s no sense in saying fuck tnl then.understand that its in ur guys hands now.tnl stepped ou of line this time, agreed. well then there’s no reason to go on a fuck tnl tirade..even if its just an expression. understand that its ur responsibility then to make it known that u guys will not stand for it.

    show the world that metal is not about saying fuck u to everything.
    say fuck u by all means, but now HAVING SAID it and gotten that emotion out of the way. do something about it.

    im sure all u metalheads can find a way to come to a peaceful middleground? so what if tnl doesnt endorse the true ideals of being a metal head? they dont have to. since when did converting the way people think become ur thing? tnl is only a platform. look at it that way.

    my advice, drop the fuck u’s and make a representations to tnl about how u feel. contradictory blog posts and news reports arent going to help.

    the rock community in sri lanka is close knit and fast growing now.everyone knows who the other one is. surely u can get urselves heard? or u guys just gonna sit and bitch?

    show them who u are. why play into their hands and be so typical? really?

    i want to believe that the true spirit of expression and being yourself is alive in the truest rock sense in sri lanka. its up to u guys.

  34. August Burns Red says:

    umm suresh don’t you have 2 of your so called fagot emo nail polish eyeliner posing guitarist in your band ??? and dude you cant growl for shit or sing i mean take sum Eastern you might come close to mika LOL . true metal heads my ASS you guys are a bunch of egoristic mother fuckers , who keeps insulting genres ( not like you guys do a good job in what you’ll do .) well this is for insulting scremo metal and other genras out there .

    man that night was crazy but it will be forgotten as every incident does . there faults from both party’s but security to be so tight was NOT cool . and to have a damm camara that hardly went up and down was stupid they should take that out and put a barricade and security behind that . like in every other metal show ( i guess u guys have only gone for “iron madian ” concerts and u must have seen the way they handle things ) less trouble . i dout you guys have gone for a “white chapel” concert yuh ??? any one ?>?? no well i have and there are no baricades or security the people are fucking crazy over there .

    still tnl management should no that when they bring down a so called POWER MeTAL BAND they should know that are people will wana get close to the people who are playing so i suggest my idea for this . more rules and our people will wana break them its common seance less rules and people know how to control them selvs as i suggested in my topic above .

    people pointless arguing about this get back top your pc’s and listen to some trash metal what ever u guys listen to and enjoy the day (: . and when i get back to sl i hop 2 c a very pro side to the organizing community cheers ( thats if i cum back to sl LOL i enjoyed my month of stay here ) cheers people tc stay heavy to all u metal heads \m/ au revoir

  35. Kraven says:

    I’m new to the country – I’m Sri Lankan though. The apparent “metal scene” is something that makes me laugh though. Sorry if I’m being brutally honest here, but the “metal” bands here, good though they may be, have a very long way to go before.

    As for the whole camera splitting whatever that you talked about – this is..uh..standard stuff in live rock concerts around the world. I’m actually GLAD that Sri Lanka is progressing this way. I mean jeez, are you folks tired of everything being so backward around here? Have any of you been to a rock concert abroad? Warped Tour? Download Fest? Desert Rock Fest? They all have that – camera cutting a line parallel to the stage and the folks listening. Why this would stop people from forming mosh pits and going crazy is beyond me. o.O

    Don’t flame me for this, though I’m pretty sure all of you will, it’s just that, you folks are making a way too big a deal out of this – maybe it’s because “metal” is still a new born here, and it’s the 1990’s all over again in Sri Lanka. I guess what it needs is time, and fans to stop being retarded and just support their band.

    Metal and “radio” don’t mix. FUCK radio dude. I mean HONESTLY speaking, as metal heads, you ALL should know that it has always been and always will be that way. When was the last time they played Marilyn Manson on the radio, on ANY radio world wide? When the was last time they played Slipknot on the radio, eh? Children of Bodom? Mudvayne? As I Lay Dying? Heaven Shall Burn? Devil Sold His Soul? Otep? That’s right. NEVER.

    So why make a big deal out of a wannabe “rock” radio station. You KNOW it’s never gonna work out, because TRUE rock and radio do NOT mix and never WILL.

    Think about it.

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