It hurts like hell…

… when you want to cry, but you can’t.

You want to speak, but the words won’t come out.

You want to scream, but you have no voice.

You want to sleep, but your eyes won’t shut.

You want to wake up, but you can’t get up.

You want to move, but your feet won’t budge.

You want to choose, but the choices suck.

You want to break free, but you’re  locked up.

You want to get help, but help never helps.

You want to be fixed, but the pieces never fit.

You want to find love, but all you find is lust.

You want to be read, but you’re a book collecting dust.


p.s. apologies for the emoness, this post almost sounds like something Lady Divine would write, not that she’s emo or anything, just the style of writing. Just what I’m feeling right now, it’ll pass… eventually.

11 Responses to “It hurts like hell…”
  1. Boobah says:

    you failed your SATs didn’t you? 😛

  2. MiddleChild says:

    i feel like this right now. you’ve written it beautifully .

  3. SAT says:

    Yes you can fail you wanker. There is a minimim mark to be even considered for entramce to US uni. What a loser.

    • St. Fallen says:

      why bother changing your name to comment again?
      oh right, cause you’ve already been established a fucktard.
      yeah yeah of course you can be rejected, I was referring to the specific term “fail”, dumbass.

  4. someone says:

    Ha Ha your sarcasm saint. Serves right for lady divine aka Emo Queen of Kottusphere… Seriously where do all you guys come from? You, LD, then that big old fart RD and then entertaining fools like Sittingnuts or standing nuts or whatever.. What a world to live in with pathetic souls like you around !

    But on a serious note why does it hurt like hell? Why? Take your medicines. It should be OKay ne?

    • St. Fallen says:

      Sarcasm? Not really, what I wrote just reminded me of some of her stuff. If I wanted to call her emo I’d do so, and I wouldn’t have to hide under the guise of “someone” to do so. I personally don’t care much for RD or Sittingnut, so I’m not going to comment.

      We’re pathetic? Who the fuck are you?

      People actually bother to read what we write, not just a couple of our friends, people who don’t even know us actually read our stuff and voice their opinions, pat us on the back when we’re down, or help us out when they can.

      Who gives a fuck about you?

      They read your comment, either laugh at how lame it is, or just look down at you digusted and move on. You think you’re entertaining people? Probably not, maybe write for Padashow or something? Oh wait, they suck now. Oh… are you the new guy over there? Fuckface.

  5. Cadence says:

    *Pats u on the shoulder and hopes it passes soon

  6. “You want to break free, but you’re locked up.”
    Man, I feel ya, buh just keep pushing forward.

  7. Suresh says:

    This sounds like your usual emo self, so don’t worry about it 😀

  8. lady divine says:

    It sure does sound a lot like me..:)

    Hope it passes… Always here if you need to talk..:)


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