Like a shell
Waiting to be crushed
By the slightest touch
I feel empty
Not lonely
But empty
To be filled

All I am is a shell
Of what I was
Yet seemingly alright
But peer inside and see
There’s nothing to hide

Is all
I am

Life is such
Such is life
We’re all fucked
Virgins or not.

9 Responses to “Empty”
  1. Loved the ending.

    “We’re all fucked
    Virgins or not”


  2. The Unsilent says:

    This is great. Brilliant ending!

  3. Me too.LOve the ending.awsomeness!

  4. sabbyaz says:

    This sounds awfully familiar 😛

  5. gihan says:

    Emptiness is obvious.

    erm about the familiarity , it is likely cause this sentiment was expressed by http://sirenegius.livejournal.com/, a couple of years ago, of course.

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