I’ve lost track of time
And the days have forgotten me
Meaningless, they’ve become
They just pass, no significance
Life no longer progresses in terms of days
But in shifts of time
Random leaps
Or rather, tugs
I’m not moving
But the waves are pushing me forward
A corpse in the sea
Seeking the shore

You say I’m standing at a crossroad
But how am I to choose a path
When I don’t know where I came from?
How am I to know which way
When I can’t see where I’m going?

I am a stranger in this body
I’m not in control, I’m weak
A parasite, feeding off the host
Till I get my fill
Till I reach my halt
And get off
I am the host
And by the time I stop
There’ll be nothing left


I’m tired of this vessel
I’ve outgrown this place
It’s only a skin, I need to shed
If I keep it on, I’ll become an empty shell
I want out, now
This vessel must not consume me
I need to end this phase, begin the next
I would choose hell over this

“This numbness”, is not numbness
I’ve lost my senses
Or my ability to perceive them
“You were perceiving quite well,
What happened?”
I woke up.

2 Responses to “Parasight”
  1. evil anon says:

    Just thinking if Kottu had an open EMO blogging competition of sorts between you and lady divine… Might be a good idea nah? You two will make a good couple BTW !

    Are you sure you won’t regret this blog 10 years later? or will you still be the same old emo fart that everyone knew on kottusphere?

    Don’t worry dude..
    “Life is such
    Such is life.”

    Now did you say this once?

    • St. Fallen says:

      and if it had a Jobless Faggot competition you’d win hands down, whoever the fuck you are.

      As for having regrets, part of the purpose of this blog is for me to see how I’ve changed over time, what’s different and what’s still the same. Whatever I am now, is what I am, I can’t deny that at any point in my life. I’m a result of my experiences and my environment. What’s there to regret in that?

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