Food For Thought

What is the opposite
Of loneliness?

Are you lonely
Only when you’re alone?
Are you alone
Only when you’re lonely?

Define to me
What it means
To be
Not lonely

“the fulfillment
of all social
and emotional

Emotional, perhaps
Social… needs?
A hermit is alone
Yet does he feel lonely?

What is society
But a construct
A system we have built
That requires us to be

Because human beings
Are social beings
So does that mean
A hermit
Is not

Food for thought
Take it, taste it
Bite it, eat it
Or just chew it
And spit it out
Once it’s lost its taste
Just like every other question
Society can’t answer.

8 Responses to “Food For Thought”
  1. Delilah says:

    nice. i like.

  2. T says:

    Kindly credit my fabulous definition of ‘not lonely’!

    Your question about hermits doesn’t stand because social needs are subjective. My social needs aren’t the same as a hermit’s; he may have none, or he may have some which are fulfilled by being alone.

    Being alone doesn’t mean you’re lonely, and being lonely doesn’t mean you’re alone.

  3. sittingnut says:

    why do you need/demand answers from ‘society’ in the first place?

    you are running round loops constructed out of words.
    and trying to hide that with “poetic” format. if you wrote “prose” you ( and your readers ) will catch your oh so obvious contradictions.

  4. sittingnut says:

    “Because human beings
    Are social beings
    So does that mean
    A hermit
    Is not


    is that what passes for logic now ? oh boy.
    hope not, in order to hope.

    pick random definition. find exception. question definition.
    how brave! how brainy!

  5. Guy who bit Santa's little dick says:

    Sad nah? Hah haaa haa haaaaaa !

    I need to work on my life (I doubt I’ll ever get one) than display how pathetic and miserable I really am!

    I wonder if my parents and close relatives/friends read these pathetic comments of mine.

    As for me, I enjoy being a jobless “fucktard”. Good entertainment indeed!

    that guy who bit Santa’s little dick

  6. That Girl says:

    You don’t have to be a hermit to be alone or to want to be alone. I think its healthy to be alone sometimes. but being ‘lonely’ is different, you could be lonely in a room full of ppl. =)

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