An Ocean In The Sky

The sea transpired,
And the sky
Consumed by its evaporate.

An ocean in the sky,
Drops of water and steam,
Crashing like waves…

About the static, I couldn’t help it, my mic is kinda screwed up. But, I like how it turned out, I messed around with it and now I feel like it sounds a little like rain, hence the title. As for the little treat at the end, well that’s just a reminder that, as melodious as the song may be, in the end it’s just noise. Just like as much meaning as we try inject into our existence, in the end we’re all just vibrations.

One Response to “An Ocean In The Sky”
  1. Cara says:

    Just listened to this recording.
    At first it seemed to be difficult,noisy, then I “heard” the sound of water, liked that, enjoyed the combination, the music didn’t let me go, I kept listenig for ten minutes and even the “final movement”, scratchy as it came for the last 6 secs or so, didn’t scare me *smiles.

    Thanks !

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