How Deaf Are You?

So a lot of us listen to music on iPods and such, in the car, and attend concerts where the music is loud etc. and with time everyone loses a certain amount of their hearing. But just how bad is it? If you don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to get it tested, you can just try this (unscientific) test out to get an idea of how bad your ears might be:

I’m including the sound clips here so they’ll be easier to play, but before you listen to them reset your equalizer (if you have some sort of program for your sound card, like Realtek, otherwise just listen) and don’t turn up the volume too much, keep it at a natural level. At one point you will stop hearing anything, just let me know which point that is.

(warning: the lower frequencies are loud, turn the volume down as I said before)

8 kHz

10 kHz

12 kHz

14 kHz

15 kHz

16 kHz

17 kHz

18 kHz

19 kHz

20 kHz

21 kHz

22 kHz

At one point you’ll just “feel” the sound, this is basically the value that I want to know, after which you won’t really hear anything. I can hear up to 18 kHz, and I can “feel” 19, the rest are just… well… nothing. I listen to music pretty loud, my headphones go up to 115db, and my mp3’s play at 98db, so I should probably step it down a bit. If you stop hearing early then you should probably go get it checked to be sure. Remember, this isn’t a scientific test, you can also try this one here:

Happy hearing!


6 Responses to “How Deaf Are You?”
  1. Jevon says:

    ya same here 18khz

  2. jesus christ says:


  3. Bruce says:

    I’m 48 and could hear all, up to 22 khz, except for 15 khz which I could only feel. I used to listen to music more and louder in younger years and to the original Sony walkmans. So may hearing cells do come back when we lay off the loud stuff.

    By the way, your post is way better laid out than the original listening site.

  4. Angel says:

    Won’t work for me…

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