Dark Room

in the darkness
the mind goes
to dark places
past visions
that have come
and gone
on the film
of the reel
of time
yet remain
in the crevices
of the mind
as I search
for the switch
to turn on
the light
that will open
my mind
to what I see
through my eyes

I light up the darkness…

destroy the negative.

4 Responses to “Dark Room”
  1. nice anon says:

    Why have you password protected some of your posts? Why this discrimination of readers? Do we all not deserve same treatment from you? or is this some kind of marketing gimmick to get reader attention so people will be curious to know what is hidden? Either way its wrong considering you’ve come to blog in a public space. Why this self censorship? Not that i’m being too nosy and want to read whats hidden, but i just hate this double standards from a person who claims freedom of expression is mandatory in his own self intro. Hypocrisy perhaps?

  2. kash says:

    i like this…..i write a lot of poetry like this…just short statement….one thought….hey this is my blog…..

  3. Cara says:

    Like this, too.
    “destroy the negative” – good thought ! Like the whole pattern you are following in this poem, playing with double meanings in your words.
    Very nice !

    Would you be so kind to entrust me with the password for your private entry ?
    I’d be happy if you did but wouldn’t be mad if you refused to do so.

    Think it’s ok to protect some blog entries from public viewing.
    This is _your_ place and nobody should question your personal decisions on who can read what.
    So no need for further explanations from here.

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