I want to leave
for good,
for my own good.

If I gave you
a loaded gun,
would you cock it
and pull the trigger?

18 Responses to “Euthanasia”
  1. sabbyaz says:




  2. Paparé Boy says:

    You know I love you too much to even dream of such a thing. I’m not even kidding this time.

  3. Rannelee says:

    Have you heard Damien Rice’s 9 Crimes ?

  4. Rannelee says:

    Since you were not satisfied with my questionable answer here we go again.

    My cracked up answer- hell ya I always wanted to do that

    Sane answer – Your life doesn’t belong to you nor to me so no

    Insane answer – NO No please don’t

    Kiss-Ass – awww now come on who will sing “rootless tree” here after 🙂

    Ah now laugh your head off

  5. Rannelee says:

    again… gaaaah

    Yes I like to pull the trigger and No not to kill you so sorry

  6. The Unsilent says:


    I’ll use my own gun.

  7. afoxhound says:

    My original answer that I typed and never posted…

    “Err… no.”

  8. sabbyaz says:

    LOL @ unsilent

  9. ZacK OzzY says:

    Yes, if ur terminally ill.. a veg basically.
    Think ppl in that situ should have the option…

  10. sach says:

    haha you were right about the poem 😀 i’m loving the feedback

  11. black says:

    do it yourself? 😛

  12. Whacko says:

    for euthanasia u need a doctor to assist you foo’. how many doctors do you know who read ur blog?

  13. Delilah says:

    yes 🙂 but my aim is usually so bad, i’m pretty sure you’ll live to write another post.

  14. Cadence says:

    I stand witness to Delilah’s bad aim :S

    and if u were a veg, Yes. Not otherwise and definitely not via a gun.

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