I Wonder…

Was Rumi alone when he wrote his Masnavi?
Was Attar forlorn when he wrote Manteq aṭ-Ṭayr?
Was Khayyam by himself when he wrote his Rubaiyat?
Was Hafez apart when we wrote his Divan?

Did any of these supposed mystics have any need for a muse, or was it the energy of Love in itself, and not the one they loved, that inspired them?

A loved one may leave you, or you may leave them, you could easily fall out of love. but Love in itself does not depend on you, or the other. Love in its purest form, the energy that creates, preserves and transforms, is no variable. The variable is you, and you, and you. How can you do anything but change?

Strange, but as much as I would like to go deeper into spiritualism, mysticism, and such, this omnipresence of “Love”, has had me dumbfounded. Not because I don’t agree with it, but just how contorted and cheap the everyday, average person’s definition of “love” is. I find it ironic, but maybe it’s yet another reminder that there are very few who realize the truth of things, and there are many who are more than comfortable with falsehoods that satisfy their temporal needs. Everybody needs some “loving”, yet hardly anyone understands Love, or allows themselves to be a part of it, be ride on its energy, to transform through it. Most people are good to go with a kiss, hug and a fuck.

But oh well, we’re all animals human aren’t we?

I’m just wondering if  there’s any point in the relationships that human beings get themselves into. These illusions of permanence, kept together by the occasional sharing of feelings, comforting each other, and all these little pretenses that go into the charade. I’m not saying that those who claim to be in love with each other aren’t in love, I’m just saying they don’t know what Love is. The “love” they speak of is something that was man-made, it doesn’t exist anywhere else. How often do you see animals in the wild behaving affectionately, irrationally, towards another member?

I’m not saying that animals don’t feel love, I’m saying that animals understand better what Love is. It’s evident in the harmony, the balance of the ecosystem, the one that we always try to throw off and then some of us go running to save it, never accomplishing much, save for an ego boost. It’s evident in how the rest of this planet was doing just fine before we came along. It’s quite evident, but we’re all blissfully blind.

Blinded by “love”.

photo-credit: flickr.com/nattyskywalker

One Response to “I Wonder…”
  1. Chavie says:

    I might disagree a bit on what ‘love’ is, but this was well thought out and beautifully written! Good post! 🙂

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