Narayana (Under Construction)

Besides work in Hikka I’ve been working on my compositions, the instrumental stuff mostly. I’ve found myself a session guitarist and vocalist, and I think I might’ve found a drummer too. Hopefully in the months to come I’ll be able to get the songs done and record them. Who knows, maybe there’ll even be an album. It’s still not going to be a band though, but I don’t know if I’ll still call the project “St. Fallen”, since it doesn’t really go with any of the concepts. Perhaps just Imaad Majeed? Or maybe some Sanskrit word. Suggestions are welcome!

Meanwhile, check this out:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This track is called Narayana, while composing it I had the feeling that it could go on forever, hence the title. That’s Shamika of Ablaze/FIH on guitar and Lahiru of SHAN studio on drums. Together we call ourselves the BLUES sangeetha kandayama when we jam. This isn’t what the actual project is going to look like though, I’ll keep you guys updated.

So… names?

7 Responses to “Narayana (Under Construction)”
  1. :O Wow mate, thats the f*ing bomb. awesomeness

  2. magerata says:

    Great stuff dude, good to see you enjoying Hikka.
    How about “Pushpaka Vimana” or “Vimana”? the vehicle of original St.fallen, Ravana.

  3. redda ge malli says:

    How about “Pirisindu Kasala” for the name of the band…cos it goes well with the music….

  4. Chavie says:

    brilliant, I watched this earlier when you posted it.

    how about naming the project after your guitar? 🙂

  5. Me-shak says:

    excellent stuff 😀 Love all the licks. Waiting for the completed version 😀
    Looking forward for more!


  6. Scrumps says:

    Very impressive Imaad! (Sorry I haven’t been here in a while!)

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