People talking around
a toilet bowl,
comparing turds
– a phenomenon
far too many times,
every –
single –

How often do you
find yourself
in a conversation
of no real value
at all,
simply because
it’s a light topic
and makes for
easy conversation.

How often do you pass on thinking?

There’s a kind of conversation
that requires very little
conscious effort, almost like
talking in your sleep.

This makes for at least 98%
of every conversation.
Why do we ever bother awake?

Close your eyes,
Shut your ears, and
Swallow your tongue.


Keep speaking,
And I’ll go back to sleep.

photo-credit: flickr.com/captainpandapants

One Response to “Turdspotting”
  1. Me-shak says:

    I hate listening to blabber mouths! :C
    excellently put in to words:)


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