And just what might this be?

Funeral In Heaven’s Live EP, distributed free, live bootlegs that attempt to capture the band’s live energy. And opening with a violin and thabla instrumental, they could’ve have done it better. Afterwards you’re taken into The Origins of Evil (Abhawaya), and the onslaught ensues through Winds Of Uva, with the ended outro and the crowd chanting at the back, and ends with a tribute to the fathers of Black Metal, Immortal.

While the quality of the sound might sound all that great, keep in mind this was a bootleg recording straight off the mixer. But even still, it reminds me of Live In Zeiplig in the way that it retains the bands presence. If you’re not too acquainted with Funeral’s material or their live shows, this will get you started!

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Follow the link below to acquire the file:

2 Responses to “Shaanthikarma”
  1. Dee says:

    super cool artwork

  2. Angel says:

    Echo Dee… love the artwork!!

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