6 Responses to “Yajna Vedana, in motion.”
  1. O_O says:

    VAGINA !

  2. magerata says:

    neat SF, I like the music. I play for a Jazz gig that meets in once in a blue moon to sing about blue moon. I think you’d better catch a good mixer. I hope you are recording all instruments and vocals into a different track. Just finished listening to Atma and I like it, of course I have no idea about the lyrics You need to take care of the length of the song as well my friend..
    I like Brahmacharya, the best and do not ask me why.
    Good work but you got to work on them! This is not a negative criticism.

    • St. Fallen says:

      of course the tracks will be mixed and mastered, these are just demos done with phone cams and such. as for the length of the tracks, I’m afraid I can’t help that. Atma Shatakam was written with 6 verses, and all of which are important, and the song would have to be at least 12 minutes to incorporate all of them. I’m thinking of cutting it at 15 minutes.

      Each riff means something, the dynamics and flow of the song is quintessential, and I’m not willing to compromise on that. Brahmacharya and Narayana are at the moment just shadows of what I want them to be, both will probably come to around 15 minutes in length. Altogether I’m looking at a 45 minute album.

      I’m guessing you’re not all too familiar with post-rock, there’s no such thing as “length”, at least not in the normal sense. Flow, dynamics, and mood are far more important, and you need quite a bit of time to work through the motions and achieve that, hence the lengthy tracks. I’m trying to keep them as interesting as possible with the instruments, there won’t be solo’s as such, but definitely some experimentation which should keep the listener hooked.

      The target audience isn’t radio, so I’m not looking at 3 minute tracks. Anyone who can appreciate music and has enough patience should be able to go through a 15 minute song, and if they can’t all they need is a spliff and it should go down well. If it’s too long to stomach, or gets too boring, I guess we’ve failed then. But I hope we don’t!

      Oh and thank you for your thoughts, much appreciated.

  3. magerata says:

    Hey SF, thanks buddy for the reply. Yes I am not much into post-rock. I am more into new age stuff and I love Kitaro. He has a few track that goes the length, like you mentioned. After writing the comment I let the Atma play again over the home theater (I down loaded and I have a music server that up converts to 44KHz. It sounded way different from my notebook speakers. I let it run the length and I think I understand what you meant. I would love to hear more stuff as you develop.

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