Why Sri Lankans Can’t Go International

Lately I’ve been hearing a lot of my friends complaining about being mistreated at events in Colombo. I’ve not come across this too often, so naturally I’m wondering what this is about. And it’s all pretty simple really; Sri Lankans aren’t used to how events are handled in other countries.

At the recent album launch of Stigmata’s latest effort “Psalms of Conscious Martydom” there was a little hullabaloo over the security measures taken at the event. Audience members were frisked and removed of cigarettes, and spiked bracelets as they would be a hinderance to the performance. This naturally caused quite a stir, both at the event as well as afterwards on Facebook.

Blame was thrown at the band for badly handling the organizing of the gig, which to be honest, isn’t quite fair. When you’re playing at a venue like the auditorium of a school, you have to behave. It’s already a heavy metal gig, smoking and drinking at the premises is going just a little bit too far. Not everyone agrees to this though, and that’s understandable, the metal scene in Colombo is used to having gigs at clubs where alcohol is abundant and cigarette smoke fills the air. But it seems like things are about to change.

For better or worse, we’ll just have to see.

Read the Sunday Leader article here:

photo-credit: flickr.com/nattyskywalker


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