Who Needs Conditioner?

While having an article of mine proofread, I was advised against using a particular word. “Class”. In Sri Lankan society, class issues are something that’s sort of swept under the rug and not spoken about so openly, unless you’re at a free-for-all bitching session.

I chose to acknowledge that the subject of the article was probably of a lower class than me, I don’t see how acknowledging that is a “bad thing”. Apparently it’s not polite. Oh, well excuse me, I wasn’t aware that society was polite. So it seems that articles have expected boundaries, and I seem to be bravely tiptoeing around them. Personally, I don’t think so at all, I’ve hardly written anything “brave” so far. Unless society is a pussy.
Which is actually quite probable.

I need conditioning?

Fuck you. I refuse to be conditioned.

What’s the point of constantly meeting people’s expectations? You’re never going to surprise them. You’re never going to be more than those very expectations set by people who probably don’t give a flying fuck about you. You’re just a cog in the wheel. Fuck that.

If journalism is to be seen as “catering to the public’s right to information”, I’m sorry there’s too much chili in your dish, it was made that way. I’m not going to sugar-coat things, I’m not going to bastardize the truth to make it easy to swallow. Too fucking bad if it’s too hard to palate.

Just because you “work for the system” doesn’t mean you have to succumb to its every whim and curb yourself to its expectations. Apparently we rely on the system for our bread and butter. Well fuck that, man, every human eats, shits and sleeps, the system didn’t come up with a miraculous way of doing that.

Of course it’s convenient to do something, get paid, and use it to get what you need. Or you could just get the fuck out of society and go live in the hills, smoking jane and playing music. The latter isn’t going to change anything for anyone else. What’s the point of existing if your existence is only acknowledged by yourself?

The point of writing for a paper, and not on a blog, is that people would actually read it. I’m not trying to cater to an audience, I’m trying to express my views. In ways, it’s a social experiment, like pretty much anything I’ve attempted. Most of the time society disappoints, doesn’t mean I should stop trying. And it doesn’t mean I should allow myself to be conditioned by a system that has very little to show for itself. There’s more people following the system that suffer from hunger, poverty and uncertainty than those who prosper.

8 Responses to “Who Needs Conditioner?”
  1. whacko says:

    ok so this WASN’T about hair as the title might suggest. Sometimes newspapers sugar coat things to suit the varied tastes of its readers. but calling someone a ‘lower class’ person is a judgement call that you make, by publishing u in a paper the paper automatically takes on this judgement call as its own.

  2. Gehan says:

    i think its strange that you’re so enraged about not being able to print that but you see nothing wrong in labelling someone as being from a ‘lower class’.

    not strange, sad actually.

    ‘bastardize the truth”? really? dramatic much?

    for all your enlightenment and what-not, this is a surprisingly childish rant. thankfully, not everyone shares your skewed view of society.

    you have many admirable qualities Fallen, but clearly humility is not one of them. until you ‘attain’ that, you can go searching for nirvana till the cows come home and be none the better for it.

    • St. Fallen says:

      the label isn’t created by me, and I’m not the one putting it there. it already exists, ignoring it and pretending as if it doesn’t isn’t really going to change anything. labels are just labels, so no, I don’t see anything wrong in pointing them out, unless you yourself choose to let it mean more than it has to.

      and take your humility and shove it up your ass.

  3. Angel says:

    Of course it’s catering to a market! who do you think buys the newspapers? That said, i think the garnier fructice conditioner rocks.. 🙂

  4. adnan says:

    um… kolla.. here’s something to chew on. it’s just one word…


    make what you wish out of that

    cos thats where the conditioning comes in 🙂 friendly word of advice. that’s all.

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