Where is the wisdom in a system that —

  • Produces weapons that are more dangerous than the conflicts they are meant to solve and substitutes a cult of violence for a culture of peace?
  • Continues to undervalue women and abandons half of its children in poverty and hunger?
  • Creates an overproduction of food, but fails to make it available to the hungry?
  • Ignores the very principles of fairness and justice that we ask our children to follow?
  • Expects individuals to abide by the golden rule of treating others as they would be treated themselves, yet ignores this elementary rule of fairness in relations among states and among businesses?
  • Faces a gamut of tasks and challenges, yet puts more and more people out of work?
  • Requires unrelenting economic and financial growth for it to function and not to crash?
  • Faces long-term structural and operational problems, yet bases its criteria of success on short-term accounting periods and the day-to-day behavior of stock exchanges?
  • Assesses social and economic progress in terms of the gross national product and leaves out of account the quality of life of the people and the level of fulfillment of their basic human needs?
  • Gives full priority to maximizing the productivity of labor (even though millions are unemployed or underemployed) rather than improving the productivity of resources (notwithstanding that most natural resources are finite and many are scarce and nonrenewable)?
  • Fights religious fundamentalism but enshrines “market fundamentalism” (the belief that the market can right all wrongs and solve all problems)?

– from World Wisdom Council 2004

photo-credit: flickr.com/duncan/

One Response to “Where is the wisdom in a system that —”
  1. whacko says:

    its probably secretly suicidal. Better jump off the ship and swim for it asap

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