The Zegelengians And The Great Triangle In The Sky

Once upon a time on the planet Zelsqua there lived a tribe of Zegelengians. They were known throughout the Qleptonian galaxy for their strange rituals and beliefs. The Zegelengians believed that all things were really circular even though they appeared to be in different shapes, and that nothing ever ended. While some considered this a profound realization, others couldn’t fathom how a square could be a circle. But the Zegelengians believed it.

They kept to themselves, the Zegelengians, never venturing beyond their territory, even if visitors from other planets came by and exploited their planet. Beyond their dwelling the planet was in shams. Every mineral and resource they had was exhausted, but the Zegelengians did not care. In their eyes, nothing ever ran out, though this was clearly not the case.

Xarqua, a young member of the tribe, realized that the air was getting thinner and the weather had changed. He decided to find out what was really going on and began patrolling the planet every night. It was a small planet, from one point you could see where the planet curved. Some say this is why the Zegelengians believed that all things were circular.

One night Xarqua witnessed something he could not believe. A valley had formed where the river used to run and a new lifeform had emerged. He called them the Vesquilles and went back to the tribe to tell them of what he had seen. No one believed him, not because they couldn’t fathom another lifeform being born from the planet, but because he insisted that they were all triangular shaped.

There was an uproar amongst the tribe against Xarqua, claiming that he was defying their solid belief in the circularity of all things. So a council was formed and the case was discussed. Xarqua was called forth before the leader of the tribe, his own father Laraius, who questioned him of his claim. Xarqua offered to bring back one of these creatures to prove to them their existence.

When Xarqua returned to the valley of the Vesquilles there was nothing but dust. The Vesquilles had disappeared. Where had they gone, he wondered. And then he looked up.

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The Vesquilles were hovering high above him, building a giant structure that floated in the sky. It was in the shape of a triangle, there was no doubt about it. Xarqua ran back to the tribe to tell them of what he had seen. No one believed him. Laraius, infuriated by the lack of evidence brought forth by his son, commanded the council to go to the valley and find out the truth.

The council left the next morning, accompanied by Xarqua and Laraius. When they reached the valley, they bore witness to a sight none of them could comprehend. Water streamed down from above into the valley, recreating the river that used to fill the land. They looked above to see the Vesquilles and their giant formation. But no one dared to acknowledge its shape.

Laraius was the first to exclaim his astonishment. Xarqua then attempted to make contact with the Vesquilles. There was no reply. Then one of the Vesquilles hovered down to the Zegelengians and spoke a strange tongue none of them could understand. The language of the Vesquilles consisted of three syllables in every word, and every sentence consisted of three words.

The Vesquille went back to the formation and returned with a strange triangular object and gave it to Xarqua. The Vesquille then spoke, and suddenly Xarqua could understand his every word. It was a piece of the fabled tower of Babel, the Rosetta Stone of the universe. Xarqua told his people of how the Vesquilles came to be. They existed for a purpose, to acknowledge the fact that the nature of life was triangular, and not circular.

Laraius did not accept this, and neither did the council. How could this be? Since the beginning of their existence, they had firmly believed that all things were circular. Who were these new lifeforms to tell them that this wasn’t so? Laraius grabbed the Babel rock and spoke to the Vesquille.

“The Zegelengians of Zelsqua are the only lifeforms in the universe that know of the truth. The truth that all things are circular, that the nature of life is cyclical, and nothing ever ends. How dare you say otherwise?”

“Indeed, nothing ever ends, but not everything is circular”, said the Vesquille.

“That is not true. It is a trick of perception, an illusion that other shapes exist. Your people have clearly not advanced enough to know this. Do not fool yourselves with your baseless beliefs.”

“Oh but they are not baseless at all. Come, I shall show you.”

The Vesquille then  guided the Zegelengians into the triangular formation, wherein they were shown the true nature of life. It was undeniable. The Zegelengians were wrong.

Although the Vesquilles were a new lifeform, it was clear that they had access to information far out of reach of the rest of the universe. It was revealed to them that it was the Zegelengian way of life that allowed for the rise of the Vesquilles. It was the harmony and the solidarity in their beliefs that gave birth to the Vesquilles. It was a clear transition, said the Vesquilles, that from a circular truth the next step was the triangular truth. There was no denying it.

“What do you mean ‘the next step’, what comes after the triangular truth?”, asked Laraius.

“Most likely the square belief, I would assume. But one can never know, it is up to the next intelligent lifeform born out of belief to realize the greater truth. This might take a hundred years, even a thousand” replied the Vesquille.

Xarqua was relieved that his tribesmen finally believed him. Laraius did not know what to think. What would he tell his people when they returned? The circular truth had been the dominant belief for centuries, and for good reason. What reason did they have to believe this new triangular one?

The reason was simple, and the Vesquilles explained it well.

“Thirty thousand years  ago the Egyptians of Earth viewed the number three as a foundation for life and time was manifested as past, present and future. The famous Greek philosopher Plato understood the equilateral triangle as a picture and sign of perfection. These were only hints as to what the triangle really meant. No one has ever come as close as this man has.”

The Vesquille pointed at the portrait of an ominous looking old man with a beard in the shape of a triangle. He had a strange look about him, a wise yet mysterious aura surrounded him. The Zegelengians learnt that the old man in the picture was the father of the triangular truth – the great Triguarua.

It was he that first realized that the circular truth was no longer relevant, as there were beings that had bended its shape. In the circular truth lifeforms evolved in such a way that it was a constant flow, like the curves of a circle, never reaching any distinct stages. These shapebending beings had managed to achieve a particular state and remain in that state for as long as they wished, before evolving into another. This was the basis of the triangular truth. This was the next step in evolution.

“Shapebenders? Do you really expect us to believe that such things exist?” demanded a member of the council.

“There is no expectation, you will see for yourself” said the Vesquille.

The Zegelengians were guided to the center of the triangle where they found a cage in which some strange beings were kept. These beings, they were told, were the shapebenders that the Vesquilles had captured for study. Each being represented a different stage of their evolution, and there was no doubt that they all belonged to the same line of species. The Zegelengians stared in awe.

“Where did you find these beings?” Laraius inquired.

“Not too far from here is a planet that is full of them, you all must know it quite well. It had been deserted for centuries, countless wars had been waged on its lands, there was no harmony as you find on Zelsqua. This was a planet of war, and from its ashes emerged these creatures. We call them the Trimera, but do not be fooled by their appearances, these are highly intelligent beings and yet as deadly as they come” the Vesquille responded.

“There are more of these? How can we be sure of our safety knowing such beings exist? Every being ever born on that planet has gone on to wage wars beyond its land. How long will it be before they come for us?” Laraius asked.

“Do not worry, they have no interest in conquest. The Trimera have realized the futility of war, they have different priorities” the Vesquille assured.

“And just what might those be?” asked a member of the council.

“Why don’t you ask them yourself?” suggested the Vesquille.

With the piece of Babel in his hand the council member stood before the cage of Trimera and began asking them what their purpose of existence was. Their responses shook him. The Trimera wanted nothing but to rebuild their planet and to replenish the fields of war so that their children may live in a planet that welcomed life instead of death. They weren’t concerned with the rest of the universe, they did not even care about the next step, all they cared for was the future of their kind. This was a thought that only existed amongst the Zegelengians, it seemed now that there truly was a higher species than them. The triangular truth was indeed true.

The Zegelengians returned to their tribe to tell their people of what they had learnt. No one knew what to believe, it all seemed too surreal. There seemed no way to assure them of it than to let them see the Trimera for themselves. So Laraius gathered all the people of his tribe and headed back to the great triangle. When they arrived the Zegelengians stood perplexed by the gigantic structure floating in the sky.

“We’re going in there?” asked a young tribesman.

“You better believe it” Xarqua responded.

Inside the Zegelengians were greeted by the Vesquilles who took them straight to the Trimera. It was as though they were taken to the circus, Zegelengians old and young all stared at the strange beings as though they were circus-freaks. The Trimera were not amused. They seemed angered by the unwanted attention, the pointed fingers and the looks on the faces of the Zegelengians. One of them came forth and addressed them.

Through the piece of Babel the Trimera asked that they be returned to their planet, that this circus show would end so they could go back to their own kind. The Trimera’s speech was interrupted by a Vesquille that insisted that the Trimera were being kept in good care. However, upon closer inspection, this didn’t seem like the case.

“Are these creatures here by will?” asked Laraius.

“No, they are here by necessity” replied the Vesquille.

“What necessity?”

“For the purpose of study. It may not be important to you, but the next step in evolution is of critical importance to us. We must examine the Trimera so that we may also evolve as they have.”

“What purpose does evolution serve you? You have barely existed for a year and you wish to evolve? You creatures have grown too fast for your own good!” exlaimed Laraius.

“That is not for you to judge. Evolution is a goal every species must have, and it is crucial that we evolve. You see, unlike other beings, us  Vesquilles have a very short lifetime despite our intelligence. Evolution is the only means by which we may extend our lifetime. Do you know the Trimera has no end to its life? It simply evolves.”

“Perhaps it is only meant for them. Perhaps your kind is not yet ready.”

“Perhaps is not good enough, we need this, and as long as we require them the Trimera will remain in our hold. Now leave, you have outstayed your welcome”

The Zegelengians did leave, but Laraius was not happy with leaving the Trimera in their cage. They were beings too, just as much as any Zegelengian or Vesquille, or any species for that matter. They deserved to be free. They belonged among their own kind, on their own planet. Something had to be done, and it was up to Laraius to do it.

Laraius spent the next few days and nights formulating his plan for breaking the Trimera out of their cage. It was not going to be an easy task. The cage was barred by some strange material that not even the Trimera could break through. It seemed impossible to Laraius, with so many Vesquilles inside the great triangle there was no way he could get them out without being noticed.

Xarqua realized his father was planning something and decided to volunteer to help him. Laraius laughed at his sons enthusiasm. “There is no way to break through that cage, and even if we did, how do you expect to get them out of there? The triangle is full of Vesquilles, how will we even get in? You know they are not fond of us.”

Xarqua thought long and hard about it, and a smile beamed across his face as he realized the one single flaw of the Trimera’s cage: there was nothing preventing a break from underneath. Laraius was overjoyed by his sons realization, it would be as simple as breaking through the center of the triangle and rescuing the Trimera. They decided they would break in that night.

Laraius and his son approached the triangle with great caution so as not to alert the Vesquilles. As they got closer they realized that the Vesquilles were much more intelligent that they had imagined. The triangle hovered above the river that was now completely restored. In order to reach the center they would have to traverse the river and then find some way to climb high enough to break in. Xarqua had a plan.

Somewhere along the banks of the river there was a boatman that used to ferry Zegelengians across. Xarqua’s plan was to find the boatman and acquire a boat so that they could get to the center of the triangle. But they still needed a ladder to climb up. On finding the boatman Laraius figured out a way to reach the triangle. They would use the anchor of the boat as a hook that would allow them to climb up the rope so that they could break in. It was a long shot, but it was worth a try.

The boatman rowed Laraius and his son to the center and helped them launch the anchor into the triangle. It took a few tries but eventually they had it secured onto the bottom of the triangle. With an axe in hand, Xarqua began climbing up the rope and began hacking away at the base. It took an hour for him to break through, but once the initial hole was made it became much easier to cut through.

The Trimera were pleased to see Xarqua as he told them they were here to rescue them. Although the Trimera could not understand his words, they realized that the Zegelengians were here to save them. The Trimera began descending down the rope when a Vesquille discovered the hole.

The last of the Trimera had boarded the boat while Xarqua was still at the base of the triangle when the Vesquille reached him and began attacking while shouting for help. Xarqua tried to evade his attacks but a blow to the head knocked him off the rope. He fell into the river, plunging into its depths. He was unconscious. Laraius wished to save his son but there was no time. They had to get out of the river immediately, the Vesquilles had been alerted.

The boatman took them back to the land and Laraius guided the Trimera towards the tribe of the Zegelengians. The Vesquilles found the boatman and demanded that he tell them where the Trimera were taken. The boatman pleaded that he didn’t know, he was only asked to row them to and from the triangle, and that was all. The Vesquilles were furious. With one strike they severed his head right off his body. They were a much fiercer species than the Zegelengians.

Zelsqua was a small place, it wouldn’t take long for the Vesquilles to find the Zegelengian tribe – Laraius knew this. As soon as they reached the tribe he called forth his people and told them of their mission. Some of them would have to protect the tribe as the rest helped Laraius take the Trimera back to their planet. The Zegelengians were not travellers, they had not used a spacecraft in ages and none of them remembered how to fly one. All except Xarqua, who was now lying on the floor of the river.

It would be foolish to go back for Xarqua, thought Laraius. As much as he loved his son, he could not risk having his tribesmen killed in the process of rescuing him. It would sabotage their mission. There was no other way, the Zegelengians would have to fight their way out of this, even if it meant that every Vesquille died that night.

Meanwhile, while Laraius prepared his tribesmen for the arrival of the Vesquilles, at the bottom of a river lay Xarqua. The Zegelengians were not amphibious beings, but miraculously, Xarqua was still alive. His eyes opened as he awoke with a start, he took a deep breath and the realization hit him immediately that he was underwater. He did not choke, he could breathe just fine underwater, this was not a trait of the Zegelengians. He looked at himself and he could no longer recognize his body.

Every Zegelengian ever born was told of the story of the Messias. It was said that he would be born just as any other Zegelengian, but he would not die the death of every Zegelengian. The Messias would live until the day he was needed. He was not any divine entity. The Messias was simply the first of the species to evolve to the next step. Xarqua realized that it was him.

Making his way back to his tribe, Xarqua found the dismembered body of the boatman and realized what he was up against. The Vesquilles had reached the tribe of the Zegelengians, and the battle had begun. Blood was spilt on the soil of Zelsqua for the first time. This itself was a sign, it was said that when blood is spilt the Messias will emerge to end it. Xarqua approached his tribe.

Laraius and his tribesmen protected the Trimera while the others held off the Vesquilles. One by one their lines of defense crumbled as the Vesquilles pushed forward. It seemed like it was just a matter of time before they reached them. The Trimera were willing to fight, but Laraius would not have it – there would be no risks taken.

It was said in the stories that the Messias would have powers that would help him defeat the evils of his time. These powers were nothing more than the traits he would acquire following his evolution. Xarqua’s body now resembled that of the Trimera in many ways. But he was stronger than even the Trimera, and he had one more power which he himself had not realized yet.

On reaching the tribe, Xarqua’s eyes met with the sight of his fellow tribesmen slaughtered by the Vesquilles. Their blood had soaked the soil, turning it a deep red. Xarqua charged towards the Vesquilles, attacking them with no mercy. The Vesquilles attacks seemed to have little or no effect on Xarqua. He kept to his offence, taking down the Vesquilles one by one. He was now being attacked by swarms at a time, till he was surrounded by them.

Xarqua flew up through the swarm of Vesquilles and plunged back down, knocking them out as he did so. The Zegelengians watched, unable to believe their eyes, as Xarqua’s wings soared through the sky. The Vesquilles fell to the ground, one by one, till there was only one left. It was the Vesquille that had spoken to them before. He seemed to be their leader, he approached Xarqua cautiously.

“You have what is ours, we simply want it back”, said the Vesquille.

“You cannot own another being. The Trimera belong among their own kind”, Xarqua responded.

“You don’t make things easy, do you?”

The Vesquille made the first move, striking Xarqua on his neck, the sound of its crack breaking through the air. Xarqua fought back, but the Vesquille was fast, evading each attack skillfully. The Vesquille struck Xarqua on his back, his gut, and his chest, sending him wheeling behind. Xarqua realized that he was up against a strong opponent, so he decided to take this battle to land.

Laraius had gotten word from his tribesmen that Xarqua had returned and was taking on the last of the Vesquilles. On hearing this the Trimera insisted that they be allowed to  help. Laraius was unsure, it would be unlike the Vesquilles to send all their men at once. Perhaps there would be a second wave that would come and capture the Trimera, slaying ever last Zegelengian in the process. It would have to be Laraius that came to his own son’s aid. And so he went.

The Vesquille was focused on Xarqua with its back towards Laraius. It was the perfect time to strike, he thought, he could take the Vesquille by surprise. Armed with a shard he ran towards the Vesquille. Xarqua realized his father’s attempt, but was horrified when the Vesquille noticed and turned. Just as Laraius was about to plunge the shard into the Vesquille, it had turned around and caught his hand. Xarqua ran to save his father, but it was already too late. The Vesquille had severed into the heart of Laraius. He lay bleeding on the ground. Xarqua was furious.

“Look at what you’ve done. You’ve spilt the blood of innocent Zegelengians, on a planet where no war has ever been waged, nor any conflict ever emerged. And all of this for what? Some labrat?” Xarqua questioned.

“I have only done what has been necessary. Now, give me the Trimera, and this may end.”

That was not about to happen, Xarqua charged towards the Vesquille determined to kill it if it meant he risked his own life. The Vesquille was taken aback, its defence was down as Xarqua plunged his fists into its chest, its neck, and one final blow to its head took it out. Xarqua held the Vesquille down with his foot, looking down at it with disgust he pressed his foot down, crushing its neck. The last of the Vesquilles was dead, the Trimera were safe.

Over the new few days the Trimera learnt much about the way of life of the Zegelengians. It inspired them as they too aspired for peace and harmony. The Trimera insisted that the Zegelengians were welcome to join them on their planet, as Zelsqua had been exhausted and its land soiled by the blood of its own. Xarqua, now the leader of his tribe, was pleased to hear this but could not take upon the offer. Zelsqua was their home, it was up to them to take care of it. It was Zelsqua that birthed the Zegelengians, it was here that they were meant to be. The planet was their responsibility, and Xarqua had taken it upon himself to restore it just as the Trimera were doing with theirs.

The Trimera left, and the Zegelengians began restoring their planet. It took years but eventually Zelsqua came to resemble the paradise that it once was. The planet came back to life, the river was now filled with other lifeforms and there were new species being born of Zelsqua. None were like the Vesquilles, they were born of exploitation. These beings were born of the rebirth of the planet. There was only one thing that was different in Zelsqua from the days of old. Above the river it still hovered in the sky, no one knew what it was that kept it up there. Stories  were told to the young Zegelengians and the beings of the planet of how it had come to be. They were told of the Trimera, of the triangular truth, and of the Messias. Every Zegelengian ever born was told the story of the great triangle in the sky.


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