Heavy Metal Drama 101

I’m pretty sure none of you have heard of this, but it’s pretty much the juiciest gossip in the metal scene right now. Yeah, apparently there’s a grapevine. As usual, and not surprisingly, it’s between the rest of the scene and the “pioneers” of the local metal scene – Stigmata.

Personally, I like Stigmata. I definitely think they’ve gone a long way from their beginnings, which were in no way humble at all. Personality wise though, there’s not much I can say, since I don’t know them. But from what I’ve heard from others, I wouldn’t want to. Though you can’t really form an opinion on a person based on what someone else says.

When it comes to music though, I say, fuck it. I don’t care if every band member is an asshole, regardless of what the band is, as long as they’re true to their music and their fans. I think Stigmata is all of that, to a certain extent. There’s fans, and then there’s groupies. And I’m quite alarmed and surprised at the extent these “groupies” of theirs go to defend the band in situations where their support isn’t really necessary or even appropriate.

So this little scene was basically sparked off by some drunken karaoke night, and a fan not being said hi to. I know, it already sounds lame doesn’t it? Alas, this is what the scene has come to it seems. At least in terms of the relationship between bands. It’s quite disheartening, considering the fact that myself and Yajna Vedana are still in the process of entering the scene. It really doesn’t make it any more inviting.

I don’t have much to say about this really, but I thought I should put my two cents in. I know “talking behind a PC” isn’t the ballsiest way to go about it, but it’s 4AM while I’m writing this and I really can’t be bothered going face to face with anyone. I just think this is all ridiculous, and not worth 1000 word rants on Facebook. Seriously, grow the fuck up.

I’m not one to take sides so easily, so I’m not with or against Stigmata, just a casual observer. And what I’m observing is fucking retarded.

First of all, Stigmata’s launch was hindered by forces out of their control. Putting aside the bodychecks and such, it could’ve gone quite well, but technical issues hindered it. That’s sad, but from what I heard they still tried very hard to put on a good show. I’m sure the real “fans” enjoyed it, and I’m sure the groupies would’ve enjoyed it even if everything that could go wrong did. Nevertheless, there isn’t much blame that can be pointed at them.

Secondly, the album, in my humble opinion, was good. It wasn’t amazing in the sense that I would listen to it every day for a month. But it was consistent, well-produced, and had some pretty catchy and intrinsic tracks. Not my favourite, not my style, but it was a good listen. Now anyone could have a gripe with the album, it all boils down to personal taste really. I personally prefer their second album, it’s just more my style. That doesn’t make me a backstabber or a namecaller or anything or the sort just because I don’t like it, this is something more people should understand. Sadly, most don’t.

After going through all the rants that have spawned from this little incident of drunken idiocy, I have to say, I’m quite amused. As a third person observer, it really is quite hilarious, and also a pain to read through the pages and pages of ego-driven ranting. Not surprisingly, most of the rant comes from one side, which is what I find disappointing. For a set of mature individuals, the members of Stigmata involved in this discussion didn’t really show much maturity or consideration. Sure, you’d argue why they should show any consideration at all when it’s a bunch of “backstabbing bitches in the guise of men” they’re talking to, but really, who’s to judge here?

I don’t place Stigmata on a pedestal. I don’t idol worship them. I don’t consider them Sri Lankan Heavy Metal Gods. So obviously this is all funny to me.

I expect more maturity from them, and also from the rest of the scene. The younger ones can be excused, it’s only natural for them to revolt and try to pick at every fault they see. But it’s up to the “grown-ups” or more “experienced”, “wise” ones to put them in their place. And if all those rants and insults were their idea of putting them in their place, well these bad boys really need to chill the fuck out. They’re in a place where no one can really say anything against them and change what is. So there’s no need for hostility, of any kind. Just let someone have their say, give back as much as they gave, and let it ride.

Just let it ride, man, that’s all I’m saying.
All of this shit is just water under the bridge,
it’s flowing away into the distance where you’ll never see it again.
Let it ride.

3 Responses to “Heavy Metal Drama 101”
  1. You make more excuses for writing this than strictly necessary.
    But, hey, what’s a world without drama?

  2. Me-shak says:

    They need to chill! The fact that they consider them selves great ruins what ever they had.


  3. Dong Patas! says:

    I once went to one of their concerts and in the middle of a song suresh threw his baniyan towards the crowd…they threw it back at him….it was frikin hillarious…!

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