Lost in a timeline of stretched space
I’m grasping at thin air, disappearing as I reach
The atmosphere consumes itself
I can hardly breathe

I dig my fingers into my skin
To see if I still feel
A self-destructive sensation
Urges me to plunge in

Caught in a threshold
Anxiety sinks in
To step through the door
Or sink down within

At the depth of my soul
A sorrow congeals
It leaks over into my thoughts
And floods my brain

Overwhelmed with emotion
My heart begins to still
Cold blood runs its last course
Blue veins give in

Severed arteries
And crushed bones
Are about the equivalent
Of the silence it brings

Lifeless and still
Resting upon the coals
Consciousness and thought cease
Eternity sets in

Atman is Immortal
Atman is I
Soul and Self converge
And all becomes nigh.


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