I spend my days feeling restless,
And the nights in a state of insomnia.
Somewhere in between is a moment of bliss,
And this moment I chase from dawn to dusk.

Sometimes I feel just a little bit insane.
Sometimes I forget what ‘sanity’ even means.
Other times I find myself staring into space,
Waiting for a UFO to take me from this place.

I wonder what it is that keeps me up at night.
Perhaps it’s the dreams that bring forth the fright.
I can hardly close my eyes with the lights on so bright,
But it brings peace to my mind and helps me feel alive.

What is life?
Just what is death?
If I never knew how to live,
How could I know how to die?

Immortality is not so hard to achieve,
If you’ve never really lived;
For you cannot kill that which doesn’t have a life.
Aren’t I one lucky son of a bitch?


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