Cooking With Ganja: Strawberry Pancakes

Apologies for the delay, this recipe should’ve been up a month ago when we tried it. So for this one you basically go with either your own trusty pancake recipe or you can follow this one that’s supposed to be really good, except of course there’s a little twist.

First of all, before you make the pancake mixture, you need to make your weed butter. Take the amount of butter you propose to use for your mixture and put it in a pan on low heat, allow it to melt and add the ganja into the hot butter. You might want to use about Rs. 300 worth, which is 3 small packets, sorry I don’t know the measurements. Let the ganja cook in the butter for a good 10 minutes on moderate heat.

Then proceed making the pancakes, you can follow this recipe or use your own. One more thing though, before the mixture meets the pan, add about half a bottle of strawberry jam into the mixture and mix it in well. If you have any other kind of strawberry flavouring, that should do as well, though we prefer real strawberries. Do not use strawberry flavoured melon jam, ugh.

So once you’ve made your pancakes, pour some strawberry sauce that you can make with some melted strawberry jam, and weed butter. Experiment, go crazy with it! And most importantly, get fuckin’ stooooooooned!

3 Responses to “Cooking With Ganja: Strawberry Pancakes”
  1. black says:

    SOOO tryin this 😀

  2. What a great recipe and a very nice blog.

  3. Resident Princess says:

    Definitely trying it this weekend! Yummy!

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