As The Sane Crumble

Never did I think I’d hear a harp in the middle of a metal song, and Plecto Aliquem Capite took me completely by surprise with their latest release “As The Sane Crumble”, an EP that will set aside any doubt that this band is a force to be reckoned with. Having three releases under their belt, PAC are here to stay.

The EP consists of two tracks, namely, Cemetery Of The Deep and Disembowelment. Cemetery Of The Deep starts off with a down-tempo dirge of guitar noise followed by some fingernails-against-chalkboard-esque harp that really makes your hairs stand. Then come in the distorted vocalisations, just as the tension is being pulled and released, ever so carefully. Speeding up and then coming to a chugging rhythm, there is no end to their attack. Until of course the “bridge”, if you could call it that, where you’ll get an earload of the vocals just shrieking through your skull, followed by those lovely harp scratchings that will drive you nuts. Running at 4:50, this could very well be one of their best works yet.

Disembowelment is a much faster paced monster of a track. From the opening riff it’s pretty evident where these guys roots lie, deep in the trenches of old school black metal. The drumwork on this particular track takes a very interesting direction, even shifting into a baila beat at one point, making for a very intriguing listen. Also, it’s catchy as fuck. Though you won’t find yourself singing along to any of their songs, the vocals will definitely make a mark on your eardrums, whatever’s left of it by the end of it, that is. At 3:14 Plecto manage to give you just enough of a sonic assault to leave you satisfied yet craving for more of their unadulterated, no-bullshit, ear-raping noise.

In other words, I fucking loved it.


The EP has been made available for free and can be downloaded here:

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