MySpace Mentality

Whenever I send someone the link to Yajna Vedana’s thesixtyone page, almost half the time I get asked why we’re not on MySpace. Well, because I don’t like MySpace? Why is there this mentality that MySpace is somehow the place to be, and only place to be, to be heard, and respected, and whatnot? Uh, no it’s not.

What the hell, man, MySpace is just like any other social media service, only it’s popular. There are better sites with better functionality that are not as popular, and hence in someway all the more cooler (at least to me), that you might prefer. In other words, thesixtyone. I used to love this site before their recent redesign, but it’s still great for artists so I’m glad. I personally think the band page looks good, and it’s streamlined and very simple, easy on the eyes etc. So why do I need a MySpace?

I’m not one for conformity, so this issue is going to recede to the back of my mind. But it’s one of those nagging issues, you know? You just wanna get to the bottom of it, but never seem to sate the itch. I hereby vow not to ever make a MySpace page for myself or Yajna Vedana. Fuck MySpace!

3 Responses to “MySpace Mentality”
  1. Angel says:

    What’s myspace?? 😉

  2. ohsoinfinite says:

    I hate MySpace too! 😀

  3. Myspace is now also clawing itself back from recent losses by selling its user data,

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