It all started with one little bite, and the one that followed.
Like an exchange, I gave to you, and you gave me too.
Worlds collided, stars went supernova. No, none of that really happened,
But I’d like to think that something in the universe changed.

Your world did fall apart, I won’t deny it.
The whole world is on its own shoulders, you needn’t take the brunt of it.
You put your faith in distance, at the cost of my loneliness.
The irony overwhelms, swells and overcomes me.

I was never this numb, never this cold, till the time I played with fire.
No surprise, I got burnt. But I learnt that sometimes it’s not wrong not to care.
Life has a strange way of repeating itself, this time I managed to save myself.
The universe will mend itself, the universe will forget about us.

What are we but a speck, an insignificant dent on the line of time.
Press down the needle and you’ll hear the broken record sing,
A song so broken it can barely breathe – that was us.
All I did was raise the needle.


8 Responses to “Broken”
  1. She Who Eats Cookies says:

    I just love how much you don’t care.

  2. Azara Jaleel says:

    Like the way you bring out the insignificance in matters, insightful ending as well.

  3. Guiding Spirit says:

    Wow !!!

  4. Cadence says:

    and in raising the needle you are content?

  5. Among My Swan says:

    i like

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