To India, Or Not To India

That is the question. Why is it the question? Well that’s a fair question to ask, judging from the fact that I absolutely despise India and Indians. Trust me, as soon as I land I’ll have my headphones on listening to music so loud not a single Indian accent will pass through my eardrums. Ahem, anyways, on to why I want to go to India. Because MESHUGGAH and fucking ENSLAVED are both playing on the same fucking stage at the Great Indian Rock gigs!

If you haven’t heard of either band, Meshuggah is known as “the most important band in metal”, they are by-far the most technical, intense, and mind-bending band I’ve come across. Enslaved is a legendary Norwegian Black Metal act, ’nuff said. So yeah, that’s more than enough reason for this metalhead to drag his ass to India even if it means going broke! There’s a lot of things on my list right now, and not so much cash in my pocket, so it’s a really tough decision to make.

On one hand, Enslaved comes down to India every once in a while, but Meshuggah is going to be in India for the first time, and I have no idea if they’ll come back. Also, what if Meshuggah disbands before I have the chance to see them? THE HORROR. Okay, let’s be positive. On the other hand, I could use the money instead to invest in a guitar effects pedal, which would help in leaps and bounds in terms of my musical… erm… advacement? Whatever, you get the point. So now you see the dilemma here. Vut to do, yarr?

5 Responses to “To India, Or Not To India”
  1. Whacko says:

    Invest in the stock market. That way you’ll get both done. Next year. If the market doesn’t bunk

  2. Chavie says:

    LOL @ Whacko! 😀

    I’d say go to India and mmm… yes vut tu du indeed. :S

  3. gutterflower says:

    But why do you despise India and Indians? They’re not all thick accents and oily food, you know.

  4. Among My Swan says:

    go to india

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