Immortality Thru Creativity

Above the hills of Candae, at the very top of a mountian, surrounded by pine forests, we rest our heads on the floor of the wooden hut before the massive Sembuwatte lake. We talked of many things, deep were our thoughts, as the depths of the lake itself.

And then we spoke of creation,  of the process of creating, something new, something different, something unique.  We spoke of how these creations are immortal, they are the only things that will forever survive us. And then we reached the conclusion, the end, the knot that tied it close: Immortality is achieved through creativity.

It is only when someone creates something out of nothing that they really survive past their lifetime, in that creation itself, like a part of their soul is embedded inside it. That’s all I want to do, my only goal, the only thing that will make me feel accomplished. I want to create something that will live forever.


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