Cooking With Ganja: Deconstructed Potroast

I’ve been growing quite an appetite of late and whilst rummaging through the refrigerator I stumbled upon some chuck pieces of beef in the freezer. After defrosting it I decided to try a potroast, though I’d never done it before, so I decided to deconstruct it and prepare it in the oven instead.

A potroast is basically braised beef that’s cooked slowly in a pot, like, duh. By switching to an oven you basically lose out on the moisture that the meat absorbs when it’s cooked in water over a slow fire. So to overcome that I poured some water onto a plate of veggies, sprinkled some soya sauce on it and kept it on the bottom of the oven. Setting the oven to 200 degrees celcius I braised the beef first before kneading in salt and soy sauce. After coating each chunk with chillie powder, tomato sauce and salt, I placed them onto the tray above the plate of water and veggies.

By doing so I basically managed to cook the meat enough while keeping it moist and juicy inside, with a slight crust on the outside. A couple potatoes that I had boiled were also added with a coat of salt, these turned out quite well, at least to my taste. The beef turned out to be just a tad too spicy so my brother made a sauce out of tomato sauce, curry powder and corn flour to subdue the excess spice, this worked really nicely and gave it a balanced, meaty flavour. So it was a meal of potroast, potatoes, carrots and beans. I couldn’t complain.

Now, onto the deconstructed potroast for Ganja Kitchen:


A few pieces of chuck meat (chunky beef cuts, boneless)
A couple potatoes
100 g beans
100 g chopped carrots
Salt & spices (chilli, peppers, curry powder)
A few tablespoons of tomato sauce
A little cornflour
10 g cannabis (finely chopped)
A few tablespoons of unsalted butter/margarine

First off set the oven to pre-heat at around 180 to 200 degrees celcius before you do anything else.

You can start by braising the beef in a saucepan for about 15 minutes, searing the beef just the way you want it, the longer you do this the crustier it’s going to get. Afterwards let it cook in a little water for the remainder of the 15 mins.

Meanwhile you can start boiling your potatoes with a bit of salt. Also, while the potato boils, you could use the same pan for a double-boil to prepare the grass. Place a bowl on top of the pan and melt about two to three tablespoons of butter and then add the chopped cannabis and stir until it turns green. Let it cook for about 10 mins on moderate heat, by this time the potato should cook as well.

Remove the meat and apply salt, soya sauce, knead it in well and then toss the meat into the bowl of cannabutter. Let it sit for a while and then knead it in, make sure it doesn’t get cold. Meanwhile place a plate of veggies with some water on the bottom of the oven. Place the meat one by one on the grill of the oven, spacing them out evenly. Apply some sauce if you’ve already prepared it, or let it roast with the cannabutter if you want that distinct marijuana flavour.

At 200 degrees celcius you can let the meat cook for 30 to 40 minutes, but make sure you check by slicing a small piece off and checking the colour of the meat. I’m usually satisfied with a light pink in the middle, even a light red, I like my meat medium-rare. This method of preparing potroast allows you to keep the meat really moist and juicy, so be careful with the quantity of spices and flavours you use. Toss in the potatoes as well after coating them with salt, and maybe a little chili powder if you like a lot of spice.

Take the veggies out after about 10 minutes and leave the plate of water. Once everything is done just serve it all in one dish; first the veggies, then the meat, and now you prepare the sauce. It’s quite simple really, just mix some cornflour with water and add tomato sauce and curry powder, and heat it on a slow fire for a few minutes till you reach the right consistency, not too thin, not too thick. Add chili powder/pieces, or any other flavour to your liking. I would go with a bit of bbq sauce, oyster sauce, and a few herbs to give it a slight tang of flavour. Pour the sauce onto the meat and serve.

If all goes well you should be all set for a pretty amazing meal, and hopefully a darunu high.
Happy cooking, y’all!

One Response to “Cooking With Ganja: Deconstructed Potroast”
  1. Chavie says:

    Sounds delish. 😀

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