Suddenly everyone looks the same, talks the same, and eventually everyone makes you feel the same. Everyone of course refers to those outside the acquaintances you’ve made to escape the duplicity that permeates society. There’s a lot of things I hate, about people, about the way they think, perceive, and just the way they act. I don’t mean to say I do the right thing, like anyone I make mistakes, and sometimes I do the wrong thing even when I know I shouldn’t. But I think we all should be allowed to do that once in a while.

But what I really hate is the incredible human capacity to misunderstand a fellow humanbeing, it baffles me. I’ve come across people who, for some reason unknown to me, think that everyone always has a reason to lie to them, this happens a lot between the two genders. I would like to think of it as deflecting your own insecurities, your own issues with trust, onto someone else, whereas they could be the most honest person you know.

I like being honest, with people I trust and who trust me, I open up entirely. It doesn’t take long to get to know me, at least whatever I end up talking about, it’s not like there’s a chapter one, two, and three that everyone has to go through. Because of this, some tend to think I like to boast (which I do, but I always make it blatantly obvious that I’m not serious about it), but it’s not like I do it all the time. I enjoy sharing experiences, whether they were awesome or fucked up, some people find this hard to understand. To some it’s you trying to score points, gain street cred or whatever the fuck goes on in their twisted little minds.

That’s not what it’s about. What the fuck man.

Recently I’ve met some of the most honest, and “real” people, and even from those there have been a few who turn out to be just like every other person. “Human weakness”, I tell myself, to get past it, ignore it, and just accept them for who they are. I say that same when I fall short, when I misunderstand someone, or find it hard to reach common ground. More than anything though, my human weakness is the fact that it bothers me when someone I’ve opened up to doesn’t understand where I’m coming from – it hurts. And that sucks.

[End of rant]

photo-credit: moonxinha.deviantart.com


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