Filling In The Spaces, Connecting The Dots.

You know those little moments at which you wonder, what if? What if I said… What if I did… What if I don’t… What if I win… What if I fail… And you, depending on the kind of person you are, either deal with it by doing something or instead daydream an hour or so about it.

Well I can shamelessly say I choose the latter a lot of time, especially when I’m not in the right place to really be doing anything. Which is pretty much most of the time. What can I say, I’m inherently lazy. I am Sri Lankan after all. But I digress, as most Sri Lankans do. So I daydream, for hours sometimes, but since I’ve been getting into the “counter-culture” or whatever you like to call it, it’s become more interesting, and simultaneously more rewarding.

Now don’t get any ideas there, these are fairly dry daydreams, picture a desert if you will, and keep your mind off belly-dancers. Yeah, that’s the spot. I find that when I do this, it’s almost like meditating on that moment, that instance, and that circumstance you’re trying to place yourself in, without actually doing so. In the right state of mind, your mind is the perfect sandbox if you really want to entertain yourself with the possibilities.

You might think they’d be endless, and possibly loony, but a lot of the time’s it’s quite realistic the way things turn out, even if it’s in my head. In a way you could call it a psychosocial way of looking at things, but you wouldn’t call it that, I’m sure there’s a better word, I don’t even know if that one means anything. But you get my point, and if you don’t there’s a big button on the top right corner that’s marked “X” (without quotes). Yeah, that one. Click it.


Now on the other hand, going ahead and acting at that very moment can lead to any number of different scenarios. I find the possibilities to be endless in the actual real-life situation than any simulation in your head, even if it’s based on a lifetime of experience and wisdom or whatever you want to call it. And I guess most would agree on that, but I’m just saying.

But how often does choosing to do something actually end up with you getting something out of it? Of some relative value to the effort you put it, the risks you take etc etc? Well not often, at least for me. So naturally, unless I have an absolute gut feeling about it, I choose to dream away. But I’m not the only one.

The purpose of this post, I guess, is just to make that statement. It’s alright to daydream, think out whatever you want to, your mind is a playground. It really is. And as far as consciousness is concerned, that’s all it really is, and besides that it’s just a medium, just one rung of the ladder, and there’s so many more to go. “Still got miles to go before I sleep”, I don’t know the name of the song, but I found it trippy that I just heard that as I typed the last line. Yeah, there is a long way to go,  but I’ll go.


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