A Bait-less Hook

Eyes are always the finders, as much as the Soul may seek, it is the Eye that finds, that sees, that connects. Like a hook cast into water with no bait, no fish would approach it as it lacked any appeal. Only those as curious as a bait-less hook in the sea.

And then I felt the bite that came unannounced. There were no expectations, yet she overwhelmed every single one. In that moment that connection was made, as those teeth clasped over the steel, not an inch of her was harmed, and I felt my own Self within her.

And as it always does at these moments, time slowed down, as  cheesy as it sounds. Hours turned past though no clocks were around to tell Time that. Her Soul spoke. It yelled, it screamed. I felt the emotion, so genuine, swell up inside her. I could literally feel every single heart beat. For those few hours we were one Self; a convergence of Soul’, meeting of two Eye’s, two seekers eclipsed as they found themselves within themselves.

But enough with all the hippie-talk, to anyone else around it was just a dumb fish on a bait-less hook, hurting only itself and wasting its time, even risking its life. I know you know I’m not really talking about a fish. I respect you enough to assume you comprehend metaphors. Yet I know nothing of how you would perceive the situation.

You might think I was chatting some girl up – with an empty wallet. You might think I was sad enough to have a heart-to-heart conversation – with someone’s grandmother. You might think I’m clinically insane – but at least you think.

I’d like to know, though, just how often you experience this yourself, and if it ever means anything at all. Would you hold onto a moment, just a single instance you share, if you knew you would never meet that person again?

Time has little mercy for those who still seek, and even though we had found something in that short moment, all moments pass. And so did this one.

She wrote down her number, delicately folded the paper, planted a kiss and slid it towards me. I didn’t realize till later, it was written with invisible ink.

And then she was gone.


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