What’s There?

“It’s all in your head… it’s just your mind messing with you”, I kind of hate hearing those lines. Probably because it’s a rather common response to experiences I share with people. I don’t know why I’m this open, it wouldn’t take 2 minutes for someone I’ve never met to know me as much as they knew someone they’ve known for a month. I tend not to hold things to myself, I don’t like to “own” experiences, I kind of like the feeling of sharing it with others. If not for their response, at least for their own gain, in any which way, it’s theirs to take or leave it.

But most leave it, cast it aside as just an unusual occurrence. I tend not to pass things off like that, but that could just be me. What is it about humans that makes us so ready to accept theories that try to explain and detail the very intricate processes of our mind, the nature of perception itself, and how anyone could ever possibly relate to you what reality is.

Reality itself is subjective, before you could even call it relative, and I wouldn’t. The human experience, in my opinion, is relative. That is to say that each person goes through stages of experience, or even levels, constantly breaking through. It’s just like Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs, you break through each level till you reach the top and self-actualize.

Well at least that’s what’s supposed to happen. I personally don’t believe that everything you perceive is strictly within your head. To even think your mind could comprehend the vastness, and the intricacy of the universe, is just madness. Hafiz once asked how could you possibly expect to be able to capture the meaning, the essence, and the magnitude, and all the many dimensions of something like “ocean” by simply speaking it through an opening so small as your mouth. And these are words we use everyday, yet our human form only allows us to express it in such a minimal form.

Then again you could argue over that, like for instance you take a window and what you see outside, then place a piece of cardboard with a hole in it and you see the same image through the smaller hole. However, it’s not always that simple when you’re talking about every other sense. Your ears, for example, can’t hear as well from one distance to another, your skin doesn’t feel as much in one condition than the other, there’s too many variables that come in the way of truly understanding and perceiving on a level that is beyond our senses.

Everything that exists just exists. It existed when you were born, it exists while you live, and it will exist even after you die, and in every stage you are part of this existence, and you always will be. So what happens after your bodily form reaches its expiry date? Well isn’t that the eternal question. Oh the pun. But seriously, is it really that hard a question to answer? If you could answer it for yourself, if you were convinced enough, wouldn’t that be enough?

I know it’s enough for a lot of people of “Faith” and such, but what about those who refuse to accept “religion”, or any systematic form of belief that is supposedly “common”. The only possibility of a common belief is to believe in either a union, or nothingness, one or the other, there is no room for duality. There is no tolerance of binary. All of this that you’re used to, this thinly stretched bubble that you bounce around cozily in, you know very well, as deep down as you may have buried it, you know it’s only illusion.

So what exists within the mind? Neurons, electrons, just atoms and molecules. Well at least that’s what “science” has managed to tell us so far, there’s more I’m sure, but it’s mostly physical isn’t it. It’s material, it exists within the framework of our human senses. We perceive them only as they vibrate at frequencies our eyes can see, or our ears can hear, and of course within the boundaries of the latest form of human evolution – technology.

Personally, I’m not much of a techie and I don’t necessarily believe technology will always be the way forward. Of course it’s a medium, of exploration, to test the capacity of our minds, but only as much as it can go in our current physical form. It’s limited. Humans always find ways to limit themselves, chain ourselves onto something that might get us far, but not all the way. So what happens when you reach the length of your chain? Wouldn’t it have been easier to break through without it? I suppose it wouldn’t be the best option for every human, but I’m sure some can.

Our capacity is greater than that of our minds, than that of our bodily forms, this is just one stage, to think this is the apex is a joke. Seriously. At least to me it is. No, I don’t expect humans to evolve anytime soon, at least not in anyway that would be visibly obvious. But sooner or later all this technology jargon will get boring, and the brains of the world will realize all this has just been one long session of wanking off, penetration had never even begun.

To break through the boundaries of technology, to converge those into the limitations of our current form, now that would probably lead to some crazy shit. Imagine your eyes receiving sensory details in frequencies you had never experienced before, and your mind being able to perceive it. Of course it would be subjective, that is the very nature of perception, but eventually it should be possible to break through to a point at which every bit of that veil is torn and what you’re left with is just one singularity. If you’re perceiving every frequency possible, it’s all just one isn’t it? Just like a spinning wheel full of colors turns to white, just one color, out of the union of everything. Oblivion. Nothingness. Truth. Bliss.

2 Responses to “What’s There?”
  1. St. Fallen says:

    p.s. if you’re going to say “that’s what happens when you drop acid, dude”, I think you’ve missed the point.

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