Young Folks

Though I would fall under the same umbrella term, I don’t really enjoy associating with peers so much, and worse those younger than me. It’s not really about age, I don’t consider myself any better than anyone because I’m older,  it’s just the way young people tend to look at things. There’s so much pessimism, for kids apparently full of hope. There’s so much spite, and just negative vibes permeating through everything. From conversation, to the things they do, it’s just a clusterfuck of, well, clusterfucks.

Before I come across as ego-driven and self-righteous with a superiority complex, let me first clear things up and say that I probably am. I can’t say for sure, but maybe that’s just who I am. I know people who’d agree with no question, and others who would argue, and I know most just don’t really give a fuck.

But yeah, I don’t really have much hope for the “future generation”, in terms of really achieving anything. Mostly because they spend the prime of their lives just worrying about the future and regretting the past, letting the present pass under their noses, just completely unaware of all the potential floating about at any given moment.

If more of us stopped and took a step back to just observe, look around and just allow our minds to rest and our thoughts to clear, maybe we’d become aware of everything that’s out there. There is an immense potential that we carry, that we just allow to wane away as we exhaust our bodies and our minds with our day-to-day lives of slavery; slavery to your parents, to your teachers, to your employers, to your boyfriend, to your girlfriend, to pretty much anyone who’d offer you something in return.

As long as they’ve got what you need, whatever it is you need, you do it. And most of the time they don’t have what you need, because you don’t even know what you need. You just want what everyone wants, “a good life”, money, security, stability, and all of that jazz, all of which pretty much fall under materialism, in my opinion at least.

Why do we “grow up” so fast? And in the process how do we manage to not grow up at all? Our bodies age, our eyes fade, and the color in our lives just drain away as though it was how it’s supposed to be. But it doesn’t have to be.

Growing up doesn’t have to involve taking up responsibilities that don’t even matter to you. It doesn’t have to involve higher education, a stable job – none of that. You could just be standing one place for the rest of your life and appreciate life on a higher level than any of these so-called “accomplished” grown-ups.

Well fuck them. To each his own, I’d just like to see more people make that decision for themselves. Everyone seems to be in such a hurry these days. I guess it way always the case, but things have picked up pace, and it just keeps accelerating.

Kids leave school at the age of 16 and join some college program, think they’re all mature and either graduate with a fucked-up sense of what life should be, or they spend more time than they should trying to get through it, or just give up. It’s not everyone who does this, but it is growing more popular. Everyone loves a shortcut. But why would you even need one? If you were so sure about what you wanted to do in your life, why would you want to rush into it? Why not let things come at their own time?

Time seems to be the culprit. Time management was one of the first things I learnt at college, funnily enough it was taught to us, I just couldn’t get over the irony. Time in itself being relative, and a dimension that can even be bent by other dimensions such as Mass, how could it come to mean so much that kids these days have no time – all the time. It’s pathetic, really. Whoever said kids are carefree might have to clear up his statement. Infants are carefree, kids over 12 are fucked in the head!

For a country that’s supposed to keep Buddhism going, I’m surprised at how unaware kids are of their own potential, in their lives as well as spiritually. I guess it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and I’m glad it’s not forced upon anyone as such, but still. It would be nice to see kids chilled out and enjoying the moment, and appreciating life for what it is – existence in itself.

Take a moment to look around and you’ll notice just how meaningless time can be. When you notice the patterns, the intricacies in just how an object moves from one point to another, over a length of time, and just how much it’s purely coincidence, yet it all seems connected.

You could look at a pile of dirt, and notice the colors and their pattern, you notice the unconscious art of just how things turn out. When your mind is clear, nothing is dirt. Observe the illusion that time casts for long enough and it will cease to exist, just like all things change once observed. And once it does, well then you’re living.



3 Responses to “Young Folks”
  1. Not all of us are even remotely interested in time, existence and vague, philosophical babble. If everyone decided to become philosophers and dreamers, we’d have anarchy. Not a good thing, funnily enough.

    Sure, the younger generations are quite pessimistic and intense, but this is largely due to oppression from older generations. I’m sure that if there wasn’t so much pressure on us to survive and thrive in this increasingly fast-paced rat race in this decaying world, we’d stop, fuck around and contemplate the colours and patterns in dirt too.

    Sadly, we have to move quicker than that to avoid getting hit by the speeding car that is reality.

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