People Are Strange

Sometimes people
are just a tad
too strange.

Why do you say that?

Just a collective observation,
from what’s happened over the past few months.
Taking these individuals
for what they are at that moment
and putting them side by side
is like a carnival freakshow.

What makes them strange?

Their resilience in their ideas that aren’t even their own.

Their ignorance that allows them to be instructed, “informed”, and misguided.
I don’t think I need to give examples,
you should know or have met enough yourself.
My examples would be subjective to me, yeah?
Not necessarily a big deal to others :/
which is the not so strange part.
I mean
these people
have the capacity
to be passionate about something
to stand by something, to stand up for it
to speak out for it, to shout out and fight for it
but somehow they lack the capacity, to question it first,
to wholly understand it, to take it apart, and put it back together, and see if it all still makes sense.


Because most of the time – it doesn’t. You see it for what it really is, you see what it does to you. And then you throw it away. And look within yourself.
And do the same.
And that act of throwing such things away makes room for something new to blossom –
transformation. and blah.
People have the capacity,
but it’s these very people that sometimes cause the most problems,
because they have the power to convince others, just by their own drive,
that momentum they build with their armies of slaves
can’t be taken down
by anything besides a sudden realization of great truth,
as cheesy as that line is.
And it takes something catastrophic
just for that.
And yet, people overlook the wrongs
and speak of the rights.
Instead of correcting what was wrong,
you instead work on the right things,
back things up,
using those.
Yet the rest
festers inside
and only builds a stronger foundation
that may never break down
even if you were staring God right in the face.
And then they’re taken apart, dissected, and thrown down to Hell. Or so the story goes.
2 Responses to “People Are Strange”
  1. I imagine most people need to be conditioned to question things. But then, institutions like religion have been trying to do exactly the opposite for centuries. So how do you erase a millennium’s worth of subliminal indoctrination?

    • St. Fallen says:

      escape the duality that you see even now – the progressive and the retrogressive.
      when it comes full circle, I guess, is when it really hits you.
      I don’t know, I have no answer, but it’s not a question.
      it’s only a distraction.

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