Love & Some Verses

“This world is only a mirage; whatever it has will perish one day. If you are wise you will not bow before this world even if this world kneels before you. Those who get tempted by this world shall perish and those who are indifferent to it, shall triumph. Love of this world is the root of all sin; indifference towards it is the root of all virtue. This world is like a snake, its softness is tempting  but its poison is fatal.” – Gazali.

“From each a mystic silence Love demands.
What do all seek so earnestly? ‘Tis Love.
What do they whisper to each other? Love.
Love is the subject of their inmost thoughts.
In Love no longer “thou” and “I” exist,
For Self has passed away in the Beloved.” – Attar.

“In love, aside from sipping the wine of timelessness, nothing else exists.
There is no reason for living except for giving one’s life.
I said, “First I know you, then I die.”
He said, “For the one who knows Me, there is no dying.” – Rumi.

Na Aham, Na Idam.

One Response to “Love & Some Verses”
  1. Angel says:

    What hearfelt, gorgeous words!

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