In the darkness that follows the crash of the waves
That put out every light, wash out every flame,
That is where you will feel most alone.

But do not fear, not even in the least,
All it will take is the slightest notion,
To bring back those beasts.

Cast them into the sea,
Or bring the sea to them.
But never hold on to them,
Only to let go.

As the water takes on the weight,
The earth has no choice but to carry.
When the mass outweighs the balance,
No force of gravity can halt.

Mass bends time,
And what if it breaks?

Like a rupture in the surface,
An ocean to put out the flames,
Those perpetual that burn from the core,
That feed our lives engulfed by self,
Put out those dead embers,
Perhaps they will awake.


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