Politics, Favours and Faggotry.

While Ceylon today readies herself for the dynasty that is to take hold of the country, the opposition seems to be trying to overthrow their leader. Both sides though are megalomaniacal, with one looking less threatening in his shirt, tie and pants all neatly tucked in like a good little Colpetty person. While the red-scarfed man need not worry about anyone outside of his family, it seems anyone without good reason to back the leader of the opposition might as well sling mud at what is already the epitome of “FAIL”, “LULZ” and “#facepalm” in Sri Lanka.

Forget Channel One MTV’s neverending attempts to dethrone Wickremasinghe  of late, and look back at our blogospheres very own Taprobane Uncut, Srilanka’s independent public interest investigative blogger’s open letter to the leader:

I know you’re from [the] school, where naughty kids are kindly told “Learn or Depart”, you seem to have forgotten this, but there are some thingsto keep in mind in case you decide to venture out in the world again.
  1. Stop acting urban, get on the rural: Again, perhaps you didn’t hear about rural masses being from Colombo Seven and all – but it’s a totally rocking piece of united people you can actually bank on. Dump that Colombo elite feedback that even sounds remotely like a victory. And DON’T rely on that Facebook fanpage and that Pre Polls forecast! Those are are totally fake, fool!
  2. Don’t “fall in love” with Minority politicians: Rauf and Mano will always be what they are- pathetic losers. So if you want to jerk off, let me refer you to www.lovethecock.com – Real gays, real fun!
  3. Stop telling the media election was rigged: Really? That election was rigged is your standard defense everytime? What if you had won? Would that still have been rigged, loser?
  4. Apologize to Mahinda and make friends with Basil: Make friends with them NOW and see how it’s done in style!
  5. Blame it on Eric Solheim: Seriously, if nothing else works, that will.


But to be fair, bringing up sexual preference is only sensationalizing what is a pretty matter of fact truth. He is there for a reason; a weak opponent is as good as a strong ally. Allegations of favouring partners and compromising others are related to his sexual preference only due to circumstance.  The circumstance being that the majority of politicians in Sri Lanka are men, and this is not limited to the political arena but most fields of work.

Theoretically, even a heterosexual man would engage in favouritism, in turn compromising others, if  there were more women in politics. This is not an uncommon occurence, just look at most “CEO’s ” at supposed higher education institutes. There is really no teeth to the allegation, just another futile attempt to get rid of a carcass seemingly cemented onto its throne.

Personally though, I would like to see a stronger opposition. And yes, new faces, please. But the issue being raised is not relating to homosexuality, and hopefully our fair leader of the opposition won’t be kicked out for his taste in men.

4 Responses to “Politics, Favours and Faggotry.”
  1. Nalliah Thayabharan says:

    Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe ordered and witnessed the execution of hundreds of innocent young men from Kelaniya area in his torture chamber in Batalanda in 1989 which was confirmed by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry which comprised retired judges. Since Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe committed these horrendous crimes in Batalanda, Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe had to abandon not only his electorate of Biyagama, but also the Gampaha District. Since these murders Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe is an MP without an electorate – thanks to his uncle Junius Richard Jeyawardene’s constitution. Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe recruited a convicted killer and hardcore criminal Gonawala Sunil as his secretary. Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s secretary Gonawala Sunil went around killing and intimidating people Ranil Wickremesinghe wanted to be silenced. When Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe was the education minister, officials at the education ministry used to call Gonawala Sunil as Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s husband. Gonawala Sunil is one of the earliest criminal gang leaders in Sri Lankan underworld. Gonawala Sunil had major connections with the UNP government at that time. Gonawala Sunil was convicted of the murder, and was serving in prison when he was famously released on a presidential pardon given by President Junius Richard Jayewardene just before the 1982 presidential election. Gonawala Sunil was involved in the massacare of 53 prisoners at Welikada Prison in 1983 and gang raping a 14 year old girl in 1982.

    Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s corruption in “LH Plantations” has been highlighted with excruciating details by his very close friend Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera. Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s very close family members own several media outlets which promote Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe and help to prolong Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s political survival.

    Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe has lost seveeral elections. Under Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s ‘leadership’ the UNP has several of high-profile MPs, hundreds of other elected officials, and millions of voters. Most obviously, because Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s appoints the Working Committee of the party that has the only leverage over the leader, and keeps shuffling that Committee to keep it loyal to him. Also because Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe still controls party lists for elections and can effectively block people out of the political process altogether, at least under the UNP. Finally, however, because Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe is still fawned upon within a small circle in the party and because he is still supported be a small coterie of loyalists dating back to his school days.

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  2. […] rarely published. Now that’s starting to bubble up. I saw it on W3 Lanka English, and now on Abyss. Oh, I see where it’s coming from. Ranil’s charge sheet (from his own party) includes […]

  3. […] rarely published. Now that’s starting to bubble up. I saw it on W3 Lanka English, and now on Abyss. Oh, I see where it’s coming from. Ranil’s charge sheet (from his own party) includes […]

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